AWS Spring/Summer 2020 – Series No. 6

The UNITED FENCE COMPANY sues AWS for copyright infringement. Series No. 6

#Lookbook – I would like to introduce you to AWS Studio, which is an upcoming brand based in Switzerland created by fashion designer Karin Wüthrich and graphic designer Matthias Fürst. Currently, After Work Studio is nominated for the Design Prize Switzerland. 

There are a couple of ways to cross a fence. The most secure and common way is
to cross it on top. Go to the point midway between two posts. Press down on the top wire using a stick, bird vest, or (carefully) using your hands. If you’re wearing gloves,
use caution not to tear them.
this method just works for barbed wire fences.

AWS (after work studio) stands for fashion that [does not have] to be seasonal in the classical sense. Driven by their aestetic belief of combining feminine elegance with both sporty and classical elements with a focus on functionality, AWS develop collections which are usually smaller series of garments that result in a kind of continuous collection, with a focus on sustainability and local production.

The fashion designer Karin Wüthrich and the graphic designer Matthias Fürst co-founded AWS 2016. AWS is based in Switzerland and their products are manufactured in Switzerland (knitwear) and Bosnia and Herzegowina. //

PHOTOGRAPHER Pierluigi Macor
STYLING Jennifer Tschugmell
MODEL Soraya
HAIR AND MAKE-UP Nicola Fischer