Backstage at Anton Belinskiy S/S20 at Paris Fashion Week

Ukrainian designer Anton Belinskiy first appeared on our radar when he was one of the nominees in the short running for the prestigious LVMH Prize back in 2017. It was a year with a wave of Eastern European designers that stormed the city’s capital with more or less the same message “poor but sexy”. However, Belinskiy was more whimsical than the rest, especially in spirit.

Since then the brand and vision has grown and this season marks his second on the official Paris Week Calendar and the only Ukrainian. With a collection comprised of only 22 looks, Blinskiy’s SS20 collection was small but sweet, and got straight to the point of his inspiration.

“At my mother’s house, I recently found an old treasure box from my childhood, and it was full of coins. It made me wonder how my perсeption of well-being сhanged over the years – money, once the only thing that meant being well to me, is now replaced with home, warmth, family, friends and good memories. This collection is about the bits and pieces that make one feel whole and well again and again” Anton Belinskiy explained as he played with prints, draping, and accessorised with crystal-ware that one might find in mom’s “special occasion” closet.

Photography by Louise Reinke

Words by Anna Barr

Designer is Anton Belinskiy