Vanessa Kügerl is a 23-years-old photographer based in Vienna. Between being a model for the show and being the right hand of the fashion designer Christina Seewald, she captured the backstage happening at the S/S20 Show.

Christina Seewald S/S20

The male gaze. What has its origins in film theory became society´s mantra: The audience fulfills the role of the beholder, unfailingly finding oneself in the mind of the masculine-acting character. Even in the starring role, women in film are only a supporting character to phallocentric desire, entirely indispensable, but never more than an object. But whoever is indispensable, has power. Whoever is indispensable, recognizes space between object and subject. Whoever is indispensable, can undermine, shatter, subvert.

Fashion is probably not a solution, but fashion reacts. With her latest presentation and collection, Christina Seewald demonstrates alternative realities.

With her first show telling the story of male gaze, Christina Seewald´s choice of models was built on diversity, strong characters and unique looks. Different body types played an important role and built the base for an aesthetic appearance. The cast was put together out of males and females, with the female characters being in the spotlight and playing the central characters in Christina Seewald´s show.

Fashion Designer Christina Seewald / / Instagram: @christina_seewald

Photography by Vanessa Kügerl / / Instagram: @vanessakuegerl

Setdesign by Joana Bravo / / Instagram: @theycallmejoana

Hair and Make Up by Noemi Gugler / Instagram: @naomzz

Hair and Make Up by Sam Rosenkranz / Instagram: @sammysharesmu

Hair and Make Up by Nina Motal / Instagram: @__ni1_1na__

Hair and Make Up by Jovan Glusica / Instagram: @gluesica

Models are Sandra / Instagram: @saend_ra
Nik / Instagram: @balearic_eric
Anna / Instagram: @riessannariess
Jeanne / Instagram: @l.aven.r
Denise / Instagram: @denusche
Eve / Instagram: @evelileve
Isi / Instagram: @n3isi
Francis / Instagram: @francis3000
Naomi / Instagram: @naomiufelle
Laura / Instagram: @laura.cok
Anton / Instagram: @toni_donau
Mathew / Instagram: @_mathewtheone_
Roya / Instagram: @ki554ki773r
Moritz / Instagram: @the_fuckking_dutchman