Backstage at JAN CERNY F/W 2019

Jan Cerny who is currently interning at Louis Vuitton ́s menswear atelier under Virgil Abloh launched his new collection for Fall/Winter 2019 on Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week. Photos by Lena Luga.

He approached it as a homage to Czech artist Vladimir Boudnik. The static presentation took place in underground space DUP39 and was open to all. Cerny was fascinated by Boudnik ́s approach to art and how he would introduce it to the audience. His work was revolutionary.

In the second half of the 20th century, he begins his art- making in a factory where he worked as an ironworker, using industrial materials and waste from this environment to create his first abstract graphics. “I ́m also intrigued by his desire to engage his art with the public. For example, while filling in the paint-peeled walls of Prague streets with his drawings, Boudnik confronted the passing byers with his art. He’s exposing art not only to experts but also to those who wouldn’t visit galleries or exhibitions. I feel the same. My shows are mostly visited by young people who are not always interested in high art, but I’m able to attract their attention through my collection and aesthetics, show them a new point of view of already familiar objects.” Jan worked with Boudnik ́s legacy on many levels.

From “dirty uniforms” from the factory to dyed pieces of clothing. The mirrored stainless remind Rorschach ́s test that Boudnik was fascinated with and loved to create their variations. A shirt with snap chest pocket system is a work garment paraphrase. Boudnik often signed his graphics on all four sides for the images to be hanged in any direction. Scarfs and graphic t-shirts in the collection are signed four times as well. The main theme and beginning point of the whole collection is an analogue portrait of Matyas, which Jan Cerny had taken before the production start. It’s a repeated symbol printed on the products and weaved in the scarfs. Smudges from the analogue film development are digitised and embroidered on the clothes, as Cerny ́s intention to transform the error into a decor. The collection highlights like leather coat and trousers, or hand dyed suit, mark moving forward form streetwear to new aesthetics. “I felt like doing something stricter, clean and modern in today ́s context. To forget cargo pants and move onto sharper silhouettes,” says Cerny.

In the collection – traditionally worn by models from street casting- we can find variations of Cerny ́s typical cotton jackets, this time with deconstructed waistcoat part or oversized shirts from Mileta premium cotton. For the first time, we can see the already mentioned suit or jumpers from GOTS organic cotton with 3D embroidery. New trainers PRESTIGE X JAN 2.0 were launched during the static presentation, this time asymmetrical model of the classic shoes where the left shoe is slightly different than the right one. The concept comes from doubled heel part. The rings in the shape of the curled nail are marked with a text „THE FUTURE HAS DISAPPEARED“. They are the outcome of collaboration DAVE’S KNIVES X JAN – young talent David Derka from Zlín who specialises in hand made knife production and is brilliant at working with metal.