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Backstage at KIDILL A/W20 – FUCK forever

KIDILL A/W20 collection features the special collaboration with the English graphic artist Jamie Reid. The collaboration is made with Jamie Reid’s private art collection from 1968-2018. /

Jamie Reid has been an active artist for 50 years as a situationist punk. He has created all the artworks for the legendary punk band the Sex Pistols which has established the visual image of the London punk scene and still his artwork has a great impact and still remains as an iconic existence.

“I have been a big fan of Jamie Reid since junior high and I am very honored for this collaboration to take place for KIDILL 20A/W collection. The rebellious stance towards politics society and environmental destruction that Jamie Reid still communicates overlaps with many of the things that I believe and has given me the opportunity to look deeper into my thoughts through this collaboration.  This collaboration with Jamie Reid started off through the punk rock culture but it has given me the idea of how I should take action as a fashion designer. I would like to face fashion bearing in mind the initial impulse of the punk and create something different with my new and very own attitude towards fashion.”

“With the main collection, we will be having the collaboration with the symbolic denim brand EDWIN. EDWIN produces the high quality Japan denim specializing in the traditional craftsmanship and the expertise of the sewing techniques.

EDWIN is working with genuine concerns about the environment which overlaps with thoughts that Jamie Reid and I have towards environmental destruction. EDWIN has built a waste water treatment facility in its factory to reduce the effect of pollution as much as possible to the environment from the drainage of the indigo dyes, making EDWIN the leading manufacturer of Japan denim that continues to produce high quality products by minimizing the impact to the environment.”

Along with the collaboration products there will be backpacks made from disposed denim fabrics and recycled to novelties and shoppers available to the customers.
2021 will be the 60th anniversary for EDWIN and they are planning to have in store events for KIDILLx EDWIN for this anniversary year.