Backstage @ Atelier About Fall / Winter 2018 – Unsere Strasse

#BerlinFashionWeek! Photographer Sebastian Pollin went backstage for KALTBLUT to shoot some exclusive behind the scenes photos for us from the Atelier About Fall / Winter 2018 – Unsere Strasse – show. “Unsere Straße” literally ”Our Streets” is a term to describe various alternative cultures and lifestyles which either consider themselves different from the mainstream of society and culture itself. There is a history of resistance movements under harsh regimes where the term underground was employed to refer to the necessary secrecy of the resisters.

The mainstream comes to you, but you have to go to the underground.

Nowadays the street realism is affecting the arts, the term underground typically means artists who are not corporately sponsored and generally do not want to be. The paradox is that today is completely the opposite. Atelier About is an unisex brand experiment founded and conceived in Berlin, made in Italy. Contemporary, with influence from the Berlin’s underground music scene and culture, ATELIER ABOUT express a stylistic revolution where aesthetics, research and influence from old subcultures are applied in equal and detailed measure for a new concept of NON-GENDERED product.


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