Backstage @ KTZ AW16

#LondonCollectionsMen! Here at KALTBLUT, we’ve always been huge fans of KTZ and their design rich forward thinking menswear. Often drooling over every piece in their collections year after year. Even now we still dream about the bellowing parachute styles from SS16.

This AW16 is no different, keeping with their trademark textile techniques they have implemented a “baseball” inspired theme. Showing large stitch lines as you would find in a baseball running though the whole of the range. The influences don’t stop there, taking the traditional striped shirts worn by the players, twisting the concept into something so effortlessly high fashion.

Moving into accessories with padded leather gloves and stitch detail caps overlaid with the umpire’s traditional metal frame partially hiding the models faces. KTZ has yet again been one of the strongest mens labels offering something truly unique this AW16.

Nabile Quenum-4033 Nabile Quenum-4092 Nabile Quenum-4145 Nabile Quenum-4182 Nabile Quenum-4224 Nabile Quenum-4258 Nabile Quenum-4294 Nabile Quenum-4324 Nabile Quenum-4372 Nabile Quenum-4385 Nabile Quenum-4423 Nabile Quenum-4469 Nabile Quenum-4481 Nabile Quenum-4490 Nabile Quenum-4538 Nabile Quenum-4544 Nabile Quenum-4567 Nabile Quenum-4588 Nabile Quenum-4594 Nabile Quenum-4612 Nabile Quenum-4630 Nabile Quenum-4640 Nabile Quenum-4644 Nabile Quenum-4647 Nabile Quenum-4673 Nabile Quenum-4707 Nabile Quenum-5061

Text: Karl Slater – Images: Nabile Quenum – Special thanks: Sergio Pacini Mersi