Backstage @ Martin Asbjørn Fall 17 “Dangerous Daze” by Josefine Svane

WE ARE MADLY IN LOVE with Martin Asbjørn´s Fall 17 “Dangerous Daze” collection! Photography by Josefine Svane. Martin Asbjørn captures the vibe of the 80s cyber punk for Fall-Winter 2017. The future is now! In a collection dubbed ”A Dangerous Daze”, Martin Asbjørn gets inspired by the futurism of the 80s for Fall-Winter 2017. “This collection embraces all my favourite cultural genres from science fiction to punk rock. In particular, I was very inspired by the 1982 Ridley Scott cult film ‘Bladerunner’” explains Asbjørn.

The dystopian tale set in Los Angeles and populated by genetically engineered “replicants” explores what it means to be“human”.“Bladerunner is in many ways a film that has been following me for many years. Its thematic complexity allowed me to interpret the future as it seems today.The film is dark and gloomy lit up by bright neon lights, and it inspired me to make a futuristic collection that is still contemporary and relevant for today. ”It’s futuristic but with a vintage feel because it’s based on what we thought the future would look like back in the early 80s”

The collection offers a number of Martin Asbjørn outerwear signatures reinterpreted in a variety of luxurious materials such as alpaca wool, Astrakhan fur and shearling fur, stretch lamb leather, durable viscose, and isoli cotton.

Of particular note, a studded pima corduroy jacket, a heavy shearling bomber with silver leather trimming, Astrakhan fur detailing, alpaca wool coat with cape fit, a reversible bomber and an iconic leather biker jacket. Also of note, pima cotton velvet pants, metallic-silver stretch lamb leather pants and wide-legged fringe trousers. As a tribute to Bladerunner, Martin Asbjørn has also created a signature sci-fi printed tee“The UnicornTee”and a sporty 80s inspired logo-embossed baseball cap.

The collection will be in stores world wide from July 2017.

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