Backstage @ Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tbilisi FW17/18

There is a lot of buzz surrounding Georgian designers these days as Tbilisi is quickly becoming the fashion capital in the East thanks to their emerging electronic scene colliding with the city’s young creatives inspired to take over factories and warehouses to map a new creative vision. While it has been dubbed the “New Berlin”, it’s more of an indescribable “new something”. While neighbors are having difficulties (Chechnya, Turkey…), Tbilisi is a special haven for all the youth in this corner of the world and Georgia has a whole, give hopes to a peaceful future that current generation craves.

Gola Damian

The fashion week sees more than forty collections, with the majority of designers under forty years old. As a whole, it is still difficult to define the Georgian aesthetic, but the overall they fill an important middle market between high street and luxury. You won’t be splashing out a thousand on anyone. Stay tuned!

Backstage featuring Gola Damian, Situationist, Tamuna Ingorokva and more, shot by Andriy Zozulya-Davidov and Anna Barr.