Backstage @ Xander Zhou Spring/Summer 2017

#LCM! Xander Zhou was kind enough to grant KALTBLUT Magazine back stage access this SS17! With each session Zhou’s concepts get stronger and stronger, this season taking punk and paring it with military, an unusual juxtapose between rebellion and order. Done with such effortlessness that most men could take any garment and place in their wardrobe today. The styling was exquisite with great attention to details. We particularly love the accessories, long dangling earrings with keys and rolled up money poked though…Very handy for a punk afterparty…

160610_XANDER_ZHOU_383_mini 160610_XANDER_ZHOU_380_mini 160610_XANDER_ZHOU_359_mini 160610_XANDER_ZHOU_326_mini 160610_XANDER_ZHOU_323_mini 160610_XANDER_ZHOU_319_mini 160610_XANDER_ZHOU_315_mini 160610_XANDER_ZHOU_311_mini 160610_XANDER_ZHOU_304_mini 160610_XANDER_ZHOU_286_mini 160610_XANDER_ZHOU_272_mini 160610_XANDER_ZHOU_264_mini 160610_XANDER_ZHOU_221_mini 160610_XANDER_ZHOU_207_mini 160610_XANDER_ZHOU_202_mini 160610_XANDER_ZHOU_165_mini 160610_XANDER_ZHOU_098_mini 160610_XANDER_ZHOU_462_mini

Text: Karl Slater
Photography: Karl Slater
Special Thanks: Ashley Smith

Show Credits:
Styling: Anna Pesonen @ ATOMO Management
Casting: Madeleine Østlie / AAMO Casting @ CLM
Hair: Gary Gill @ team for Wella Professional using EIMI
Makeup: Ciara O’Shea @ LGA Management
Music: Finn MacTaggart
Front of House: Helle Moos