Bad Sasha (Ukraine) – ‘Hymns of Freedom’ album premiere| Fundraising concert for Ukraine

#SaveTheDate Berlin – On May 13th, 14th and 15th Bad Sasha, a singer and songwriter from Ukraine, will have 3 gigs in Berlin with her debut album ‘Hymns of Freedom’ in Berlin. BAD SASHA (Sasha Polovynska) is a Ukrainian artist, born in Kiyv.

Berlin tour dates. May.

13th Panda Platforma
14th Kin Za (Acoustic)
Facebook event 1
Facebook event2

15th Prachtwerk

+ special guest appearance opening act: Ozzbert (Oscar Ackermann the Voice of Germany)

‘Hymns of Freedom’ is conceptually imagined as a collection of songs that each provides a different lens and perspective from which freedom is perceived. Freedom of choice, self-expression, movement and other forms that are available for any individual to claim, are depicted as themes in our lives. Integrated old-fashioned mood with youthful energy. Inspired by R’n’B from the end of 50s, the rebellious energy of Punk transpiring decades after, and standards of soul, grunge and hip-hop, she merges genres and vocal techniques as she creates her own style.

In the past few years, Bad Sasha has been actively presenting her creative work, as a vocalist, producer, and author of music and lyrics. Her debut single “So Be It”, made the iTunes Top Daily and Top-10 of foreign releases on the National Serbian Radio. Done as a collaborative work, with – Ninković Aleksandra aka. Apsolutiram (Belgrade, Serbia) songwriter-lyricist, Pavlos Karmis aka. Paul Blackstone (Bamberg, Germany) sound engineer in charge of mixing and mastering.

In 2020 Bad Sasha was included in the list of the best young musicians of Ukraine created by the Ukrainian Institute. Her earlier presence includes performances with acapella ensemble “United People” 2009-2019, as a part of Eurovision SC organization in Kiyv, in festivals such as Lepolis Jazz festival “Gimme 5” with Bobby McFerrin, Vocal Total (Graz, Austria), International Acapella Festival (Leipzig), Chinese International Festival (Beijing, Shenyang) and others. And as an actress in the Wild Theater (Kyiv).

Currently, Sasha has changed the direction of the presentation of her debut album “Hymns of Freedom” in Europe, making it a series of performances in aid of Ukraine. On March 10 this year Bad Sasha gave a solo concert in Belgrade to raise funds to help the country, hosted the Ambassador of Ukraine and took part in other Ukraine supportive performances in Serbia.

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