KALTBLUT Presents: Balming Tiger | Kantine am Berghain

Balming Tiger continues their Tiny Tour II, making their way to Kantine am Berghain on May 23rd! Win tickets to the show by emailing win@kaltblut-magazine.com. In May 2020 Balming Tiger should have come to Berlin to play a concert. Almost exactly two years later to the day, the date has now been rescheduled – and much has changed. Two years is half a lifetime in the cosmos of the Korean collective. Balming Tiger is now several classes more popular with the youth of the world than the eponymous tiger balm. The collective describes itself as an “alternative multi-national k-pop band”. You don’t have to take that seriously, as the musicians have absolutely nothing to do with classic K-Pop and its perfectly structured mechanisms.

DIY is at the heart of Balming Tiger’s values, they say. Even if her other values ​​are all constantly in flux, will never change anything about it, otherwise, they would no longer be the same. This affects all artistic areas because the collective has created their own comic universe in which they locate their stories. Through the graphic work, the artwork of the covers and the design of their shows, they make their musical ideas visible, so to speak. The rappers and singers Omega Sapien, Sogumm, Wnjn and Mudd the Student, the producer’s San Yawn and Unsinkable, DJ Abyss, the video artists Jan’qui and Leeshou and the writer Henson are above all musically on a completely different planet. The language alternates between Korean and English, as does the sound, which takes up traditional elements but mainly represents a mixture of urban currents. In the broadest sense hip-hop is full of crisp beats, the music wants to represent the young generation of South Korea and by no means forget their Asian roots.

Balming Tiger feels connected to the world, as part of a bigger picture. Surprises are included in any case. Because as Balming Tiger said in an interview with Notion: “You have to know that nobody can predict our musical path. We live in chaos and don’t know what we’re going to do next. We only have our vision and our ideals. Descriptions are meaningless. It’s about how others interpret it.”

Balming Tiger
Kantine am Berghain, Berlin
May 23rd, 2022
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