#KICKSTARTERCAMPAIGN – Fair Produced Humanwear! 24th-30th April is Fashion Revolution Week! A week for more transparency in the fashion industry and the fashion supply chain, but you can do more then ask “who made my cloth”, you can support Designer Mark Baigent on his way to fair produced humanwear ! “Hello, my name is Mark Baigent and i am a fashion Designer from Austria. I am based in bali since a bit over a year now and i produce my collections here.
I’ve launched this campaign to finance the production run for my collections but most of all to create a dialogue between us, the makers, and YOU, the person wearing my clothes.” – And he needs your help!

He decided to buy into his own factory in Bali and he launched a Kickstarter campaign where you can find some of his most popular products for sale at a reduced price to fund the rest of the amount he need. The proceeds go directly into the production. Jump over to his Kickstarter Campaign

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