Belgrade Fashion Week @Fashion Scout during London Fashion Week

#LFW SS16 – featuring George Styler SS16, Budislava SS16, Ana Ljubinkovic SS16,Vlada Savic SS16 and Ivana Pilja SS16. Belgrade Fashion Week is a commercial, promotional and artistic fashion event on the Balkans, created and inspired by similar established international events. Established in 1996, it has been organised, twice a year, for 19 years, at the end of October and in March. Given that fashion is a global phenomenon, BFW focuses on both national and international levels by enabling each season the exchange of ideas and know-how from different designers and brands. Therefore, BFW advocates the continual education including all factors on the fashion scene. BFW constantly supports and invests in independent fashion designers and young talents because fashion design, as part of the creative industry, isn’t sufficiently financially supported by the social environment due to lack of resources. The main characteristic of Belgrade Fashion Week is its great ability to merge the artistic and commercial aspect of fashion.

Backstage at George Styler SS16

GEORGE STYLER is a London based Serbian designer. George graduated from the college of Textile, Design, Technology and Management in Belgrade. He holds a diploma in apparel design and textile design. His designs combine knitwear with other styles. His collections are initiated by reflections on the existence of freedom of the modern man, his right to belong everywhere and to everyone, to move and speak freely, and to dress without restraint. George Styler is Ones to Watch Winner of Season AW14 at Fashion Scout London. His pieces have been featured in publications such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazar, Elle, and The New York Times.

150918_LFW_Belgrade_FW_GEORGE_STYLER_001 150918_LFW_Belgrade_FW_GEORGE_STYLER_002 150918_LFW_Belgrade_FW_GEORGE_STYLER_003 150918_LFW_Belgrade_FW_GEORGE_STYLER_004

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Backstage at Budislava SS16

BUDISLAVA KEKOVIC graduated from the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade, at Fashion design department. After graduating she started working in theaters and the industry, all over the Serbia. Today, she is designing clothing, shoes, bags and jewelry for her own brand. Budislava finds Inspiration for her work in simple forms and dark tones of underwater world, modern architecture geometry, Japanese culture and art, and wonders of nature.

150918_LFW_Belgrade_FW_BUDISLAVA_001 150918_LFW_Belgrade_FW_BUDISLAVA_002 150918_LFW_Belgrade_FW_BUDISLAVA_003 150918_LFW_Belgrade_FW_BUDISLAVA_004

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Backstage at Ana Ljubinkovic SS16

ANA LJUBINKOVIC is a fashion designer from Belgrade, Serbia. Ana Ljubinkovic`s SS 16 collection is a clash between naive innocence and experience. The collection includes sculptural hourglass silhouettes, acting as a canvas for embroidery and beadwork. The effect of Ana Ljubinkovic SS16 collection is close to couture, but the designer intends her pieces to be worn on a daily basis. Sculptural shapes, bold colors and patterns, heavy embellishment and the perfect fit are accompanied with an interesting play with details, which has always been the distinctive feature of Ljubinković`s design.

150918_LFW_Belgrade_FW_ANA_LJUBINKOVIC_001 150918_LFW_Belgrade_FW_ANA_LJUBINKOVIC_002 150918_LFW_Belgrade_FW_ANA_LJUBINKOVIC_003 150918_LFW_Belgrade_FW_ANA_LJUBINKOVIC_004

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Backstage at Vlada Savic SS16

VLADA SAVIC graduated from the Faculty of Applied Arts and Design in Belgrade with a degree in fashion design. Upon graduation, he worked as a designer in the fashion industry for several Serbian fashion brands and also as a stylist for fashion magazines where he gained a lot of experience. He started his brand in 2013 and showed his collections several times at BFW. Femininity is the main reference of his fashion aesthetics where the art plays a key role and through exploring the form he finds his greatest inspiration. His vision of fashion is simple, modern and wearable one.

150918_LFW_Belgrade_FW_VLADA_SAVIC_001 150918_LFW_Belgrade_FW_VLADA_SAVIC_002 150918_LFW_Belgrade_FW_VLADA_SAVIC_003 150918_LFW_Belgrade_FW_VLADA_SAVIC_004

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Backstage at Ivana Pilja SS16

IVANA PILJA is a Fashion Designer and Graduate of the “College of Design” in Belgrade, Serbia. Since 2007, Ivana has worked as a fashion designer for sport and street wear lines for various fashion houses. Ivana’s collection focuses on dark elements to invoke futuristic and architectural forms of fashion. She showed her collection during Belgrade Fashion Week and received awards for best collection from ELLE magazine and Boris Nikolic for best designer of the season. Her pieces have been worn by celebrities such as Dita Von Teese, Ellie Goulding and Lily Allen.

150918_LFW_Belgrade_FW_IVANA_PILJA_001 150918_LFW_Belgrade_FW_IVANA_PILJA_002 150918_LFW_Belgrade_FW_IVANA_PILJA_003 150918_LFW_Belgrade_FW_IVANA_PILJA_004

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Photography: Karl Slater

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