Berhasm Fall/Winter 2019

#Camapign – Berhasm, an Eastern European fashion collective originating from Tbilisi, Georgia is presenting its FW20 collection called ’Technomother’ honouring the past and celebrating the present. The concept is based on the figure of ‘Motherland’ statues in Russia, Georgia and Ukraine, which were the symbols of the Soviet power.

Berhasm gives it a new twist by combining all 3 female figures and making the Mother modern and symbol for partying and having fun. The collection is diverse and you can see interesting pieces such as a dress full printed by Soviet ‘panels’ – typical ugly grey soviet buildings and a print ‘where do we go now’ which represents the lost generation of 90s people who had to restart their lives after Soviet Union’s collapse. Another dress that will catch your eye is a Georgian flag dress that honours that motherland of Berhasm’s creative director Beso Turazashvili. Oversize male jackets with typical Soviet stripes, 90s mafia style patent leather coats, bi-flex acid colour sportswear pieces, biker jumpsuits, reflective jackets and metallic fur coats are other pieces that can be found in the collection. @berhasm_global