Berlin! 02-07.05.2018 – Visionär Film Festival at the ACUDkino, City Kino Wedding and IL KINO

Movie lovers.. save the date! Visionär Film Festival – Encounters with new Auteurs is back for its second edition!  After one year of movie research, Visionär Film Festival is back in town. With its selection of new talents from around the world, bear witness to daring, original and visionary debuts to full-length film. From the 2nd to the 7th of May at the ACUDkino, City Kino Wedding and IL KINO, Visionär Film Festival presents a selection of 9 movies from all over the world never screened in Berlin before, an homage to Agnes Varda and ca. 20 short films made by Berlin filmmakers.  

“Visionär defines itself as a platform for networking and the exchange of actors in the fields of visual art, film, and music. Its vision is to promote young talents and to contribute to intercultural dialogue by visually presenting different socio-political issues and the different cultures that live in Germany. Through film, we hope to contribute to the sustainable promotion and of different representations of cultures – which we consider essential as part of individual and social development.”

“Visionär aims to establish itself as a Talent Scout that supports new auteurs and to create a platform that promotes the creativity of the new generation of directors. Given the complexity of film distribution and its commitment to balance both the economic and the artistic, festivals have become indispensable places of networking and exchange. As an open space for new voices, ideas and experiments, they are often the only way to present works that are denied as commercial distribution channels. These difficult circumstances, which particularly affect young directors, led to the idea of the Visionär Film Festival, which has committed itself to the screening of auteur films. We want to bring new cultural aspects to Berlin with the festival. Cinema and the city of Berlin are therefore two essential players in the cultural project that is Visionär Film Festival, a cinematographic and visionary experience in the city of avant-garde and new trends par excellence.”

Visionär is founded and curated by Francesca Vantaggiato

A new section of the festival: Visionär – Kurze Berliner Encounters

Beside our main and competitive selection, this year we show short films by young Berlin directors. Some of the short films were submitted by the DFFB, one of the most important film schools in the city, others selected through an Open Call. We want to strengthen the local scene and also to enforce the vision of Berlin as a vibrant cultural city – in which artists from different disciplines come together. We received many submissions and we are about to conclude our selection of ca. 20 short films.”

The opening film: a Homage to Agnes Varda

Visionär will open with a homage to a great director who was recently awarded an Honorary Oscar and whose latest documentary was running to the Oscar: Agnes Varda. On the 2nd of May, they will screen her seminal film Cleo from 5 to 7. This real-time portrait of a singer (Corinne Marchand) as she awaits test results of a biopsy, captures Paris in the sixties. It’s the chronicle of the minutes of Cléo’s life, is a lively mix of vivid vérité and melodrama, featuring a score by Michel Legrand (The Umbrellas of Cherbourg) and cameos by Jean-Luc Godard and Anna Karina. Film historians have cited Varda’s work as central to the development of the French New Wave film movement.

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AZOUGUE NAZARÉ by Tiago Melo (Brazil, 2018 – German Premiere). In Nazaré da Mata, a small town near Recife in the Brazilian state of Pernambuco, young people don’t hold rap battles, but samba battles. Thanks to Melo’s rural portrait, we experience an anthropological insight about costumes, tradition and self-expression. World Premiere in Rotterdam, winner of Bright Future.

LA FLEURIERE – THE FLOWER SHOP by Ruben Desiere (Belgium, Slovakia, 2018 German Premiere). The Flower Shop is a contemporary fable of redemption of young immigrants in search for identity, a life rooted in normality and a never achieved integration. Ruben Desiere touches on vital topics in outlining psychologies, hopes and disillusionments, within a visionary capacity full of promises.

Medea by Alexandra Latishev Salazar (Costa Rica, Chile, Argentina, 2017 – Berlin premiere). A film about the body, about the decisions and freedoms that a woman can take with it (and also the problems and conflicts that entails), MEDEA is a powerful story and a disturbing film with a character as complex and contradictory as difficult to forget.

Noble Earth by Ursula Grisham (USA, 2017 – Berlin Premiere). A study of ennui and female repression within a world rarely seen onscreen, the Florentine high society, NOBLE EARTH had its World Premiere at Raindance and won Best Film – Emergence at Oaxaca Film Fest.

THE FAMILY by Rok Bicek (Slovenia, Austria, 2017 – Berlin premiere). In this project, genuinely filmed for 10 years without a script, Rok Bicek observes what a family is – the inescapable bonds it generates, the thread of flesh and blood that will belong to us forever. It had its World Premiere at the Locarno International Film Festival.

Julia ist by Elena Martín (Spain, 2017 – Berlin Premiere). Júlia, an architecture student from Barcelona, decides to take an Erasmus year in Berlin. She finds herself lost in a cold and grey city. While she gets to know the city from the inside and lets herself get carried away by its people, the end of this adventure is coming closer and closer. At the Malaga IFF it was awarded Best Film, Best Director, Movistar+ Award for Best film.

Juze by Miransha Naik (India, United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, 2017 – German Premiere). The film is a dark exploration of the exploitation and abuse of immigrants in Goa, a tourist resort dear to Westerners, through the eyes of the teenage student-laborer Santosh. He attempts to escape his fate and becomes a sacrificial lamb, humiliated by many fronts but determined to fight for his freedom.

Le Parc (The Park) by Damien Manivel (France, 2016 – Berlin Premiere). Manivel gives life to a story that mixes Rohmerian atmospheres, dreams of illusion and awakening to reality. In this both naturalistic and unconscious vision, the park is the main character, a protective but potentially dangerous place.

Presented at Cannes Acid 2016, Le parc was awarded at the JeonJu International Film Festival 2017 as Best Feature Film.

Park by Sofia Exarchou (Greece, Poland, 2016 – Berlin Premiere). A humanity without a goal is consuming its days in the flow of lazy hours, in a false movement that contains all the desperation of a Greek crisis – that is global. Harmony Korine and Larry Clark’s style looms large in the raw and poetic vision of Sofia Exarchou.

Park received the New Directors Award in San Sebastian. Berlin premiere.


SARAH PLAYS A WEREWOLF (Sarah joue un loup-garou) by Kathrina Wyss (Switzerland, Germany, 2017). On stage 17-year-old Sarah gives it all. What lies behind Sarah’s radical stage presence? A dark secret she is trying to express. A claustrophobic family environment, the longing for a boyfriend, a friend, someone she can confide in. The more Sarah expresses this desire, the more she ends up alienating the people willing to get close to her. It had its world premiere in Venice Intl. Film Critics Week.



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