Berlin! 02.11.19 – The Black Magic Mini Ball by LaQuéfa St. Laurent

#SaveTheDate for Black Magic Mini Ball by LaQéfa St. Laurent at Das Maxim-Gorki-Theater
Am Festungsgraben 2, 10117 Berlin! “This Ball ist going to be special, because we are bringing back the score boards for some Categories ^^ The person with the highest score is the winner, if you have the same score, the host or someone of the spectators will choose the winner!” 

Presented by LaQuéfa Saint Laurent, hosted by Gorki Theater in the context of “Rewitching Europe“ during the 4. Berliner Herbstsalon! Short information about witch hunt: The European witch hunts have a long history, Reaching its peak during the 16th century and continuing for more than 200 years. FACEBOOK EVENT

People accused of practicing maleficarum, or harmful magic, were widely persecuted. Most of the accusations took place in parts of what are now Germany, France, the Netherlands, and Switzerland, and the then Holy Roman Empire. While witchcraft was condemned already in Biblical times, the hysteria about “black magic” in Europe spread at different times in various regions, with the bulk of executions occurring during the years 1580-1650Although men were also accused of witchcraft, about 75–80 percent of those executed during the witch hunts were women. Women were subject to cultural prejudices that framed them as inherently weaker than men and, thus, more susceptible to superstition and evil. In Europe, the idea of a woman’s weakness was tied to Eve’s temptation by the Devil in the Bible, but that story itself is not the sole cause for the proportion of women accused.

Even in other cultures, witchcraft accusations have been more likely to be directed towards women. It was also true that the majority of the accused and executed were among the poorest, most marginal in society. Women’s marginality compared to men added to their likelyhood to be accused.

The Theme for all the Categories of the night is “Black Magic (BM)”. We want to celebrate the power of being special, going against societal norms, being smart, being Extravagant and being different to the masses. Be inspired by Black Magic. 

Das Maxim-Gorki-Theater
Am Festungsgraben 2 10117 Berlin
10117 Berlin

🌚Diesel Ninja (NO) Daniel Soheili Elahi
🌚Raisha 007 (ES) Raisha Cosima
🌚Legendary Father Charly Ebony (FR) Charly Cheikh-Sadibou

🌚Host : LaQuéfa Saint Laurent (GER) Ariclenes Garcia Ari Garcia & Ariclenes Garcia

🌚MC: German Mother Zueira Mizahrahi (GER) Andra Raw & Maybelline Garcons (NL) Jimmy McBimmy
🌚DJ: UK Father JayJay Revlon (UK) Jason Alexander Cameron

🌚10:30pm: doors open for contestants🌚

🌚11pm: doors open for spectatore🌚

‼11:30pm: start rollcall (SHARP)‼

🌚Categories Mini Ball:

Runway as a Team (3 People)
Virgin Runway OTA

Realness (Drag/ BQ/ FQ/ Butch/ Transmen)

Old Way (OTA)
New Way
Vogue FEM (OTA)
Virgin Performance OTA

Cheesecake (OTA) (MF/FF)
Sex Siren (Non Binary / MF / FF)
Face (Non Binary/ MF / FF)

Fashion Killer
Best Dressed spectators (Score boards)

Drag Production (Not longer then 2 min.) (Score boards)


Shake That Ass
Dance Off (to any music)
Ballroom abc*
*FF – Female Figure: Fem Queens, Drag Queens, Women
*MF – Male Figure: Butch Queens, Transmen, Butch
(and sometimes straight men)
*FQ – Fem Queen: ballroom lingo for trans woman
Drag Queens: males who presents the societal idea of a “woman”
Drag Kings: females who presents the societal idea of a “man”
*BQ – Butch Queen: biological men that identifies as homosexuell, regardless to which side (feminin/masculine) he is identifying with
Lion Babe: non-binary and FF (stud/butch) portraying a masculine and/or feminine sex appeal
Cat boy: a less aggressive and straight forward version of MF Sex siren. Neither masculine neither feminine Sex Appeal
*Women: cisgender women – sexuality doesn’t matter
*OTA: Open to all – no sex dividing, includes non-binary and straight people (Certain categories like realness still limit the OTA)
*Virgin: first time walking / never walked – in a specific category
*Baby/Beginner: everyone who is walking a specific category under a year
*Tag Team: two people walking a category together – walking one by one but Tag your partner when you have to switch
*as a couple: two people walking a category together – literally. in the preselection and during their battles