Berlin! 03.-31.10.2020 – G-Spot by Mathias Vef

#SaveTheDate – „G-Spot“, the first solo show at The Ballery by Berlin-based artist Mathias Vef this coming October. Mathias has brought together a series of images featuring iconic figures from Berlin’s queer scene from sex workers to dancers from Berlin’s state ballet. After photographing his subjects the artist works digitally with the images and the extraordinary physiques to create surreal styled collages. Some of the prints are then chemically distorted using the dissolvent GHB/GBL, a process that he has developed and perfected over the last four years.

Mathias Vef and The Ballery would like to invite you to G.Spot, the first solo show in this gallery by Mathias Vef. We are very happy that this exhibition will be possible during this challenging time. 
It is important for us to show this new work now, as Mathias Vef wants to reflect on the impending collapse and surreal disintegration of many things Berlin is about. He brought together a series of images from sex workers to dancers from Berlin State Ballet, surreal collages and images chemically disintegrated by the dissolvent/drug G.

GHB/GBL is also known as a drug called ‘G’. G is very ambiguous as it can quickly lead from a state of utter euphoria to total and morbid collapse. The completed series ‘G-Spot’ portrays a state of Berlin’s underground culture coming from euphoria but now facing collapse, a culture of utmost freedom that seems to be vanishing.

from October 3rd – 30th 2020 at The Ballery!
Press Preview: October 2nd 2020, 18:00h
The Ballery, Nollendorfstr. 11, 10777 Berlin