Berlin! 07.02.19 – Straight 8 x Berlinale Special: The Best Super 8 Short Films

Berlin Film Society presents Straight 8 x Berlinale Special: The Best Super 8 Short Films + Q&A one super 8 cartridges. no editing. Since 1999, straight 8 has been challenging anyone and everyone to make a short film on one super 8 cartridges, with no editing, no grading, no post, and to see it for the first time in a packed cinema.

Celebrating 20 years of straight 8 and the art of shooting on film, the Berlin Film Society is bringing straight 8’s special ‘straight8est hits vol. 1′ programme to Berlin, featuring 20 unforgettable short films shot on Super 8 (8mm film), all of which defy definition and genre.


“The magic of cinema in its purest form.” – Asif Kapadia

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Thurs 7th Feb – preview screening + Q&A with straight 8 founders, Ed Sayers

Fri 8th Feb – drinks reception + premiere + Q&A with straight 8 founder, Ed Sayers

about straight 8

straight 8 is a filmmaking competition founded in London by director Ed Sayers in 1999. Ever since, straight 8 has challenged filmmakers to create a short film on a single cartridge of super 8mm cine film, with no editing, no re-takes, no grade, no post-production.

The visuals for the films are completed in-camera, shooting in story order, editing only with each pull of the camera’s trigger. Every shot taken will be in the film.

Super 8 cameras do not record sound (these days), so the directors have to submit a separate, totally original soundtrack, without having seen their film, which is then lined up with their first frame of a picture.

The first time successful directors see their own films is together with the audience at one of straight 8’s packed premieres, including at Cannes Film Festival where their next and 14th premiere will be held this May.

straight 8’s 2019 competition is open for entry now and many German filmmakers have succeeded before. So this is the perfect way to get inspired and aim to be one of the talented ones to make it to Cannes in 2019.


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