Berlin! 09.06.18 – Popoff Kitchen does Berlin at Ficken 3000

The infamous Popoff Kitchen (monthly queer techno party made in Moscow) is coming to Berlin! The goal of the party is representing the avant-garde side of the Russian gay community in all scenes: music, art, fashion and Moscow as being part of a global community and integrate it with similar crowds from other parts of the world. The aim is thus to integrate Moscow into a global gay electronic dance music community and to establish lasting networks within this scene.

In 1st year we made more than 10 parties with djs from different europen gay techno parties such as Cocktail d`Amore, Oscillator, Kok Schok (Tel-Aviv), Bizarre Love Triangle (Paris), Cafe Polari (Stockholm) etc., few collaborations with russian queer artists and created safe & freedom place for all kind of queer Moscow club-kids.

Now they are ready to bring Russian delicatessen to Berlin!

WHAT? Popoff Kitchen does Berlin
WHERE? Ficken 3000, Urbanstraße 70, 10967 Berlin
WHEN? 9 June at 22:00

The squad of resident chefs is bringing its specialitets & delicatessen to feed you good.

Popoff Kitchen are gathering its friends & all types of cook(cock)ing enthusiasts at famous Berlin sausage-house – Ficken3000 for special Russian 3-courses dinner.

The starter will be served by Kirill Shapovalov – youngest Popoff Kitchen sous-chef. Behind the stove his moves are accurate, smooth & sexy. Watch him with your mouth open and drool.
Light but juicy finger food with a french touch will start the night.

Head-chef Kolya Rish will be in charge of the main dish.
Traveling around the world Kolya is always in search of rare oriental spices and his skills of mixing them with Russian & halal cuisine made his cooking style unique.
Kolya is already familar to Berlin’s crowd making his brunches at family restaurant of Wilde Renate. Granny Renata was so into Kolya that once she even entrusted him to cook one of the main dish at New Year Dinner lasting for 3-days for her 1000 closest friends.

The dessert will be cooked b2b by Kirill & Kolya. Some magic is usually happening when those two are in the hot kitchen so even if you’re already full you’ll be surprised that something extra can still fit in. Let’s face it, all you need is a bit of olive oil to slide something in, so have fun and enjoy the meal.

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