Berlin! 09.07.18 – Shameless/Limitless: Donny Benét + Doris (Andreya of Gurr)

We had a quick chat with Andreya Casablanca of Gurr about her new project Doris before her upcoming gig at Loophole with Sydney’s Donny Benét this Monday night.

KALTBLUT: What inspired this project?

DORIS: I had so many songs lying around that I wrote for fun or that were just too weird that I felt like I wanted to perform/put together once.

KALTBLUT: Where does the name come from?

DORIS: It’s my middle name. If you thought it cannot go more old school than Andrea, here you go, it’s Doris…

KALTBLUT: Is there an ongoing narrative through the songs on the album or do they each stand alone?

DORIS: I actually put this together for Bandcamp (and because I told Kevin from shameless limitless I am doing one haha) and there are some CDs that have a different tracklist. There’s a song I wrote in 2013, there’s one I wrote recently and everything in between. It’s so much and it’s all kind of half done and either lo-fi recorded or amateur Logic productions… that’s the criteria.

KALTBLUT: Lastly, what can people expect from this upcoming live performance?

DORIS: I’m definitely more calm than when I’m on stage with Gurr – but it’ll be very much about feeling it or something like that. It’s my third show like this and I’m excited because it’s all very unrehearsed. (but do still come pls thanks)

What? Shameless/Limitless: Donny Benét + Doris (Andreya of Gurr)
When? Monday, July 9th, 2018 – 20:30–23:45
Where? Loophole, Boddinstraße 60, 12053 Berlin, Germany
Tickets available at the door

Flyer by Hanne Jatho. i: hanne.jatho

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