Berlin! 10.10. – 22.11.20 – Love Letters: Stories of Distant Proximities at Horse & Pony

#SaveTheDate! Intimate relationships are never just private but always also political. How and who we love influences the way we approach our own species, as well as the world as a whole. The work of Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens serves as a starting point when thinking about sexual relationships as a form of healing. Entering into sensual relationships with mountains, waterfalls and trees, Sprinkle and Stephens challenge basic societal structures such as monogamy and heterosexuality, as well as our relationship to non-human species.

International careers and digitalization have further complicated modern love lives, increasing the number of long-distance relationships substantially. The current health crisis accelerates this process further. Love letters, phone calls and virtual role-play make up for physical encounters, replacing hairy, sweaty skin with clean, smooth computer screens. While the visual and the aural senses are stimulated, touch, smell, taste and proprioception are being neglected.

Creating a place that smells, moves, touches and talks, Love Letters: Stories of Distant Proximities engages its visitors as sentient beings. Conceived as a series of solo presentations, the exhibition will grow over time. Seeking sensual, sexual and societal healing, the works on view explore the role of intimacy, individual freedom, and artistic practice.

October 10
Julie Favreau
Kasia Fudakowski
Marie von Heyl & Fette Sans

Performance by Marie von Heyl & Fette Sans requires advance registration

Translucent yet confining, Kasia Fudakowski’s pivoting screen at once divides, frames and guides the visitor. Part of the ongoing project Continuouslessness (since 2017), this part
of the sculpture, with the working subtitle Spuckschutzer/Spit guards, consists of eight panels of varying dimensions all made from the currently very present material vocabulary of pine wood profiles and transparent PET plastic sheeting. Working, as the artist points out, as ‘barrier, backdrop, or a vitrine’, the piece sets the stage for the remaining acts of the exhibition.

Marie von Heyl and Fette Sans have been collaborating on conversations — private and public — since 2017. On the opening day of Love Letters: Stories of Distant Proximities the two artists will perform the excesses and exhaustion of language. A hole is being gnawed in my vitals (says Sappho) will discuss the redundancy of desire, the porous body, exorcisms and cravings of love and the leaking of words that cannot be taken back.

Julie Favreau’s work is about forms of intimacy and sensuality under the influence of new technological and telekinetic aptitudes. The body involved seems to elevate, float and connect by transcending its physical silhouette and entity, moving beyond notions of gender and unique identity. Exploring the erotic texture of the world, the way animate and inanimate things touch and influence one another, Julie Favreau integrates organic- technoid things in her scenarios. Accessories of close contact such as blobs, prosthesis, digital or sexual tools, these enter the interstices of the skin and the social fabric to augment capacities.

October 25
Neha Kudchadkar

Pinch your thumb and three fingers, tip, scroll, double-tap, smart zoom in and out, rotate, swipe, open, drag, spread. Neha Kudchadkar’s multi-touch manual will effectively teach you how to develop new fingertip abilities and adopt gestures or communication skills to navigate the haptic system of our black screened devices. How formed or deformed are the digits and palms of our hands? Can human beings adapt to being in touch without touching? Hand Job grasps the tactile-kinesthetic relationship between bodies and objects, technological devices, that populate our daily life and intimate spheres.

November 1 Tobias Preisig

Requires advance registration

Tobias Preisig’s In Praise of Small is a series of experimental solo-concerts which seek to open alternative formats and revise the listener-performer-spatiality relationship. Playing on the assumption that musician and listener reciprocally inform one another, In Praise of Small allows an intimate exchange between the two and fosters a shared and non- hierarchical experience for both parts.

November 8 Ewa Dziarnowska

Requires advance registration

In her performance, Ewa Dziarnowska lets herself be informed by a studio dispositive and solo improvisation practice. Raw, impulsive, sharp, sometimes elusive, her movements reduce to essential dance gestures. The corporeal experience, devoid of any narrative tension, seeking into the deepest bodily memories and non-rational knowledge, is translated into space.

November 15
Talaya Schmid & Jordan Müller

Requires advance registration

Talaya Schmid & Jordan Müller’s Guided Group Masturbation: Immersive Sound Sculpture is a meditation: binaural beats and cat purrs invite the audience to an immersive excursion through the narratives of the body. Blindfolded, and placed at a safe distance, the group masturbation is an isolated, yet joint, experience.

November 21 Rafał Pierzyński

Requires advance registration.

Rafał Pierzyński’s Untitled (touching) is a choreography of multiple selves explored
from different perspectives and through the notions of orientation, alterity, touching
and being in touch. His phrasing, circular journey insists on the hyperreality of bodies
as interconnected entities bound by time and space and reveals the potential of choreography to address them as hyperobjects touching in other dimensions. A party, but for one, a ceremony of touch and non-touch. The performance is a reenactment of Pierzyński’s video work conceived for multiple cameras during the lockdown, on different days, at Kulturfolger Zürich.

Love Letters: Stories of Distant Proximities
Curated by Marie DuPasquier & Lea Schleiffenbaum

On view Saturdays and Sundays, 12-18h & by appointment

Select events presented with limited availability and only by prior registration
10 October – 22 November

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