Berlin! 11.10-13.10.18 ‘IDENTITY UNVEILED’ Exhibition

UNCOATED PRESENTS: IDENTITY UNVEILED! The exhibition researches how we can balance our role within the social system whilst discovering our identity. How connected to the ‘Self’ are people willing to be?Emmanuel Levinas: ‘’The visage perceived by others, it establishes a passage to transcend the outer world from the enclosed inner-self.’’

Free entrance * — The works will be for sale —
Dates: 11th, 12th & 13th of October
Address: Glogauer Str. 16, Berlin

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The intersection of creator meets (new) collector is where uncoated plays a role as a platform for contemporary photography. Space where people can experience contemporary photography, getting to know talented creators and learn about collecting photography.

Curated by Josephine de Fijter
Special thanks to GlogauAIR for providing the space.

Participating artists:

✫ Carla Cabanas
✫ Tom Hegen
✫ Inez Agnese
✫ Matthew Coleman
✫ Bruna Mayer*

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