Berlin! 12.09.2020 Aka Presents: Erectness by Benedikt Rugar

In the series “Erectness” by Benedikt Rugar, the motifs on the paper assume a pose. The drawings are reduced to the essential, giving just enough information to achieve a strong iconic effect, but never revealing all of their mystery. They are frozen poses, a way of standing in an absurd world. Come at AKA on Saturday 12.09.2020, have a drink with the crew, enjoy Rugar’s art from 18h till 21h.

Looking at Benedikt Rugar’s drawings is like diving into an absurd world of liquid shapes, hard graphical contrasts and soft bubbles. They taste a little gross in the beginning, but turn into a luscious joy of adorably entertaining, fantastic and humorous scenarios. The Berlin based illustrator creates his very unique mood by using strong outlines and a visible handmade drawing process that retains his personal touch. With his overload of fantasy, Rugar transforms even the most banal subjects into something surreal, telling the viewer with just minimal hints a whole lot of a crazy story that’s always situated in some kind of a yesterday’s future. After realising a music video and several record covers with Rugar, musician Felix Kubin once described the work as “psychedelic constructivism”.

Rugar’s client list in the music scene also includes clubs Berghain and Robert Johnson, and the party series Cocktail d’amore in Berlin, while his illustrations have been published also in The New York Times, Der Spiegel, and Die Zeit, among others.

WHAT?  ‘Erectness by Benedikt Rugar’
WHERE? AKA, Pflügerstrasse 6, 12047 Berlin, Germany
WHEN? Vernissage, Saturday, 12th September 2020 from 18:00-21:00 /
Instagram: @benedikt_rugar

Curated by LMW for AKA