Berlin! 13-28.04.2018 – A Mark Upon The World by Clement Louis

An exhibition at P7 Gallery! Save the date! Berlin based art space P7 Gallery is pleased to introduce the artist Clément Louis and his works to you for the new exhibition “A MARK UPON THE WORLD”. A must go event for all art lovers! Born and raised in France, Louis developed a passion for photography and drawing already as a child. The combination of these two creative activities lead him on a natural path to painting.

In his works, Louis connects the art of painting with the world of fashion. His figures oftentimes appear monstrous and bleak, at the same time, however, they possess an enormous elegance and grace. For his paintings, he mostly uses acryl paint as well as colour pencils, but also pastel chalk and ink.

About his own work, the artist states:

“As I started illustrating fashion, I began questioning the concept of beauty and ugliness. The prism of fashion made me develop characters that I can describe as monstrous, weird and ‘abnormal’, with bone structure and facial cavities exaggerated, their flesh is bleached, confused in their gender and sexual identity. They are fashion drama queens with white staring pupils. Empty of any humanity they belong to the costume they are wearing and the fashion industry. Just like statues they stay and stand in one tortured broken pose as modern icons.”

Louis has long since attracted the attention of famous fashion creators and photographers like Rick Owens or Nick Night and collaborated with them. However, the artist does not want to restrict himself to fashion illustration only. That is why he recently started to work on a new project in the context of drag queens and youth culture. He portrays idiosyncratic characters, which he preferably discovers on Instagram and makes an effort to catch their visions of beauty, gender and identity. Through his portraits, Louis is longing to express the essence of what those people contribute to the art of drag and the current feminism.

Mark Upon The World

„Everybody wants to make an impression, some mark upon the world.“ – Dorian Corey, Paris Is Burning

Many artists share the desire to leave an impact upon the world, whether through social commentary or fame. Especially drag culture is often painted through the dichotomy of subversive non-conforming ideas on one hand and the pursuit of a glamorous life full of beauty and fame on the other.

The exaggerative, yet delicate aesthetics of Parisian artist Clément Louis are as glamorous and grotesque as the many performers who find their way to be a muse for his illustrations. Some leave an impression through shock value whereas some others simply use a beauty mark.

What? Where? When?

Berlin! 13-28.04.2018 – A Mark Upon The World by Clement Louis


P7 Gallery
Prenzlauer Allee 7
10405 Berlin

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