Berlin 15.09.18 – WONDER BY WONDER Exhibition at P7 GALLERY

Wonder by Wonder, a solo exhibition by artist Leo Rydell Jost at P7 Gallery! The title of the exhibition, “Wonder by Wonder” was inspired by the Academy Award winning song “A Whole New World” from the Disney animation “Aladdin”:

“I can open your eyes
Take you wonder by wonder
Over sideways and under
On a magic carpet ride”

What is it that Aladdin wants us to know? Conquering the night skies on the flying carpet in a state of forbidden love inebriation with his Jasmine, he might be referencing to the various wonders of the world, to the intriguing and wondrous places that are to be discovered together, and solely together.

Handcrafted Nepal, the works of Rydell Jost leave a lot of room for interpretation. Their even and smooth surface create an inviting atmosphere, you want to take a seat and feel them, touch them, to be able to maybe grasp them better. Aladdin seems to have been able to only dream about such exceptionally formed carpets, since the works of Rydell Jost renounce any classic form.

They spread like a spectacle of nature made of topographical maps and go far beyond their scope and ground. They are extraordinary design artifacts that carry the spectator to strange worlds. Or is it the world of Rydell Jost, that are manifesting itself to us? Naked younglings that indulge in their lust or their strong bodies, bursting with youth and are flashed between the abstract carpet mesh let us surmise how much the artist himself wants to get entangled in his work and leaving behind the ground “on a magic carpet ride.”

The artist gained attention for the first time through his book Colored Dudes, that was published in 2014 which is showing homoerotic fantasies in fine lines and discreet colours. The sexually loaded paintings that are shown seem never gross or rough, despite their clear motives. On the contrary, they possess grace and elegance and show the masculine sexuality in a new, gentle way.

Rydell Jost works some of his paintings into carpets, too. The ensemble of wool and the motives of Rydell Jost combine into a perfect synergy. He succeeds with ease to bring sex and erotic into our living rooms, without getting intrusive.

With the series Rugs for Oprah from the year 2018, the artist strikes out a new direction regarding his art of weaving. The explicit motives make way for more abstract forms changing into wild colours that leave us in awe and turn our renown picture of carpet and wool upside down. Camouflage like coloured patterns don’t let the eye linger and agitate us, whereas the soft wool leaves a calming and inviting impression.

Have a look yourself on the freshness and uniqueness of the works of Rydell Jost! The works are to be seen on 15th of September, starting at 18h at P7 GALLERY – Prenzlauer Allee 7, 10405 Berlin


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