Berlin! 16.03.19 – 12.04.19 AKA presents: ‘TRANSLÚCIDO’ by Marco Gorgoroso

Berlin’s babe Marco Gorgoroso is presenting his new a solo show “TRANSLÚCIDO” at AKA Berlin. Gorgoroso is a photographer, experimental poet and visual artist. Marco has always had a fascination for the human being.  Observing, listening and recording. Viewing what others are made of, has always contributed to learning more about himself.  Each interaction forms an image of our own existence. Relationships with others shape us and our reflexes. When Marco photographs an individual, it fills him with curiosity and excitement. 

He is looking for that flutter of a moment when a soul transcends. Gaining intimate glimpses of personality. Each moment is unique. His photography is a personal experience between him and his subject. Marco’s portraits are precious.

WHAT? TRANSLÚCIDO’ by Marco Gorgoroso
WHERE? AKA, Pflügerstrasse 6, 12047 Berlin, Germany
WHEN? Vernissage, Saturday, 16 March 2019 from 19:00-22:00 / FACEBOOK EVENT

Instagram: @marco.gorgoroso

Curated by LMW for AKA

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