Berlin! 16.09.18 – S/L: Infinite Bisous + Jason Harvey

Shameless/Limitless is bringing tender pop artist Infinite Bisous back to Berlin this Sunday at Marie Antoinette, with an after-party at Das Gift. Rory McCarthy, the Paris-based musician and producer behind Infinite Bisous, released his debut solo venture with last year’s w/ love after performing and touring with a handful of artists (Connan Mockasin, Mac DeMarco, Beck, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Metronomy). Crowds from this European tour can expect McCarthy and company to reveal new songs from the upcoming album period. We had a quick chat with McCarthy about these new tunes and how it coincides with his venture to finding happiness.

KALTBLUT: I’d love to hear more about the story behind “sole mate” and what we can expect from your upcoming album period.

Infinite Bisous: “Sole Mate” is a song I wrote after I spent 17 hours straight with someone I had met the night before, and who became a good friend of mine. I started making this record Period when I moved to a city, and it took me a long time to notice that I was continuing to live like the hermit I had been in the countryside. This song is about trying to get out of that habit to some extent. I’m not sure if I ever did in the end.
Compared to w/ love, there’s less talk about death and heartache. This new one was me getting my head around how to live somewhat happily, which I’ll be continuing to pursue.

KALTBLUT: Was moving out of the countryside a step forward in finding a way to live happily?

Infinite Bisous: I was on tour most of the time from about 19, so after all that I had to find somewhere to live, moving back home to the countryside felt like I would isolate myself even further, so that’s partly the reason I went with a city. But it is also because of that isolation that I’m able to put myself in the mood to make a record. Otherwise, I’m very happy not to make music at all. I am also aware that the isolation of the countryside and specifically my studio “dick ark”, is some sort of “Madeleine de Proust” situation.

KALTBLUT: Spending 17 hours straight with a new person is such a specific kind of connection. Are you always drawn to this type of intensity, and does that make its way into your music?

Infinite Bisous: It is rare for me to really make new friends, but I feel like that’s fairly ubiquitous. I do enjoy (a certain kind of) intense conversation with strangers though, and the freedom to have an hour-long conversation about death and then go home without knowing each other’s names.

I think what has made it onto this record (and I’m kind of thinking aloud here because I haven’t necessarily summed it up in my head at this point) is a sense of change, the city, new friends, happiness, they all feel like new things to me.

What? Shameless/Limitless: Infinite Bisous + Jason Harvey 
Where? Marie Antoinette, Holzmarktstraße 15-18, 10179 Berlin
When? Sunday, September 16th, 2018 – 20:00 – 23:30
Tickets available at the door.


Feature photo by Andrea Montano

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