Berlin! 18.12.19 – Nansea Comfort EP Release Show

#SaveTheDate – On 18 December, Nansea will release their EP entitled Comfort, a collection of songs that arise from the push and pull between otherness and normativity. The release show is scheduled for the same day at KAKE. Two DJs will substitute awkward silence with soothing tunes, and performances (tbc) will lead up to Nansea’s concert. FACEBOOK EVENT

Nansea (ˈnænsi) is the musical moniker of Berlin-based musician Marek Polgesek. Ever since their first solo show in summer 2017, they’ve played with different line-ups to deliver the full potential of their arrangements. Today, they are accompanied by an ensemble consisting of bassoonist Erik Palm, pianist Stan van der Burght, and violinist Davit Khachatryan.

Nansea has always been an autodidact, but nonetheless „profoundly distinguish themselves with their breathtaking compositional efficacy“ (Alan Ceauşelu/Drastic Arts). With their music, they create a queer indie/chamber pop sound that goes beyond the traditional singer-songwriter style, while paying tribute to gender nonconforming artists that inspire them. Their sound has been described as reminiscent of some of their biggest influences, such as Thom Yorke and Anohni. In their music, Nansea expresses their experience of clashes between hetero- normative constraints and queer counter cultures. With their compositions and live performances, they mock masculinity, reflect on privilege, and aim at finding a path towards a queer self-acceptance.

After releasing three singles this summer (2019) entitled Hounds, Another Life, and Fog & Quicksand respectively, Nansea are preparing for their five-song Comfort EP release on 18 December 2019. The upcoming year 2020 will see more than a handful of new songs and a European tour for their Comfort EP. /