Berlin! Mike D’hondt presents FLUID 1 & 2

A Double Exhibition

Mike D’hondt, a self trained -analogue- photographer, started his ongoing portrait series four years ago. He got attracted by the multitude of characters he saw in the Berlin queer nightlife and by the way these communities redefine gender or rather un-define it, with an absolute fluidity and freedom from any preconceived ideas about gender. The portraits are intimate and poetic, but also dark and disturbing. They are an exorcism.

In the first part of his double exhibition, FLUID #1, a selection from his ongoing queer portrait series is presented. It is questioning gender and its fluidity by opposing strong feminist characters against a ‘male’, veiled vulnerability. Through these portraits Mike D’hondt is celebrating the beauty of the possibilities in times when the concept of gender is dissolving.

On the opposite side of the queer spectrum, in the second part of the exhibition FLUID #2, Mike D’hondt is showing a series of homoerotic triptychs. Threefold images, filmic and repetitive, of the male organ exuding its fluids. The images have a sexual attraction but also carry a warning through their unreachable distance. How safe is sex in post AIDS/PREP times?

WHAT? FLUID #1 Portraits by Mike D’hondt
WHEN?  From now on till an an undetermined time
WHERE? Marc Antoine Hairstudio Gallery Kopenhagener Strasse 66 10437 Berlin

WHAT? FLUID #2 Triptychs by Mike D’hondt
WHEN?  When the Ficken 3000 will be able to re-open
WHERE? Ficken 3000 Urbanstrasse 70 10967 Berlin

Instagram @mike_dhondt