Berlin! 23.03.18 The Spiritczualic Enhancement Orchestra live at Arkaoda

The Spiritczualic Enhancement Orchestra is a recently founded musical ensemble rooted in the ‘Spiritczualic’ idea of its members. Together with the Surprise Outernational Artists Association they create “prophetable”, “unexpected and improvised concerts emphasizing the ceremonial ritual of collective-musical-transcendence.
The ensemble comprised of bass drums keys qanun self-built soundsources guitar & surprise quests are now going on tour for the first time in Europe.

Drummer Nicolas Sheikoleslami and Keyboardist Omri Shmulewitz met 3 years ago at Kolkata. The group was “Self-Established by Higher Sources” as they phrase it aka Christmas a period of Rebirth into Unifying Novelty. The guiding “star allegiance” aspect is at Spiritczualic’s core – an organic-psycho-mysticism which defines itself in the manifest musical unfolding. Due to government intervention with the deserted building they had established for the needs of the Spiritczualic Enhancement Center the SEOrchestra – together with the Surprise Outernational Artists Association – decided to embark on a tour. Watch a video of their first live performance below and catch them at Arkaoda in Berlin on March 23 2018”

Artwork by Dima Rabik who works with the band. Rabik is from St. Petersburg Russia. Its Amazing micro-drawing technique with collage of antique images together with tiny tiny repetitive devotional craft. The whole image is originally a 10 cm card or smaller ! It’s like drawing on rice.

What? The Spiritczualic Enhancement Orchestra live
Where? Arkaoda, Karl-Marx Platz 16, 12043 Berlin, Germany
When? Friday 23.03 Doors Open: 20.30Uhr – Start: 21.00Uhr

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