Berlin! 24.07.2020 – Voguing Ball of Superheroes

#SaveTheDate – 24th of July 2020 – 7 PM – 9 PM! JOIN THE ULTIMATE LIVESTREAM EXPERIENCE
FROM SÄÄLCHEN BERLIN ON VOGUING.DE! The ball is donation based. All profits will go to Lambda BB e.V.

Lambda BB e.V. provides a sense of community and safe space for queer teenagers and adolescents in Berlin, Germany; helping young lesbians, gays, bi-, trans*, inter* and queers between 14 and 27 to express themselves and be a part of a world that understands and fully accepts them.

“In these challenging times, we want to celebrate all the heroes who help change society and the lives of individuals, families, and communities. From everyday heroes such as doctors, firemen/firewomen, and teachers to superstars and fictional superheroes — we want to honour all the icons and inspirational characters who have shaped and protected us.
Everyone has a superpower inside them, waiting to be discovered. With this Ball, we want you to find the superpower within you (whether that it’s kindness, respect, love and goodness, bravery, or extraordinariness) to express and live it freely and unapologetically. You are deserving of attention; you are the spotlight. Together, as superheroes, we can impact other people’s lives, fight for acceptance and make our voices heard, towards an empowered and better world.”

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