Berlin! 25.10.18 at Urban Spree: Free Free Dom Dom + Les Pleureuses Concert

On thursday October 25th, don’t miss a concert night with two emerging French and Berlin-based bands at Urban Spree: The alternative band “Les Pleureuses” and the indie-pop duo “Free Free Dom Dom”. For this occasion, Les Pleureuses will present their new EP “Chambre K38”, and Free Free Dom Dom will spread their wavy uplifting electro-beats.

Free Free Dom Dom

Free Free Dom Dom is an indie-pop duo based in Berlin, with an admiring love for their city’s underground scene and an electric cynical vibe. Their infectious enthusiasm for catchy pop sound often reminds us of some kind of Grimes and Tv on the Radio hybrid. The high pitched vocals of Little Voice matched with the powerful dragging rock tone of her partner in crime Phil, really gave their music a sense of revelry.

Les Pleureuses

Daring the mix between lyrical. electro notes, punk and powerful rock, Les Pleureures’s music explores and mixes genres.  The result is explosive: a harmonious musical chaos. French settled in Berlin, they immerse themselves in this city, its caves and its artistic effervescence to constantly push the limits of their creativity and continue to extend their musical spectrum.

Chambre K38 illustrates their constant musical researches, their desire to push the limits, to invent new sounds, to mix genres and to cover the tracks.

It marks not only their installation in Berlin, but also a real change in training with the arrival of Nicolas and the integration of the electronic pad. Their mu­sical style and their concept has evolved. Chambre K38 can be defined as an organized mess, harmoniously melding keyboard, guitar, bass, vocals and powerful rhythms.

What? CONCERT: Les Pleureuses + Free Free Dom Dom
Where? Urban Spree, Berlin
When? 25.10.2018 – 8PM



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