Berlin! 26.04.19 – Moon King // Balcony DC // DJs at Internet Explorer

The folks at The Chop are coming around in a very groovy way for Berliners on Saturday, April 26th to bring an “over-easy live music dance party” called YOLK. This party will, in fact, nourish our developing embryos, as long as embryos symbolize summer feelings and energy to try out every dance move you’ve been practising during the bitter months. Moon King is headlining the evening, so KALTBLUT had a quick digital exchange with Daniel Benjamin, the artist behind the name, where we collected a few secrets to share.

KALTBLUT: I’d love to hear about the stories that fill the new LP, Voice of Lovers.

Daniel Benjamin: Yes, well there’s a lot of stories about my time in Detroit on there, there’s a couple songs about this Arbutus records party in 2015 which was kind of my introduction to being there, there’s a song about smoking tons of weed & learning to mix records with my friend Mark (aka Ron Ecstasy, of FIT Distribution), there’s one about the Freakish Pleasures parties, one about our crew going on trips to Montreal, one about the Moon King record that I made there in 2015 but never released, there’s one about being on tour in the USA the week of the 2016 election, one about spending the holidays alone there, and one about how hard it was trying to live there as a non-citizen.

KALTBLUT: Would you describe your music much darker than previous releases?

Benjamin: No not really, I wouldn’t say it’s darker ….. maybe like, sketchier though?? Sleazier?

KALTBLUT: What are five things you bring on tour that you refuse to leave behind?

Benjamin: A roll of duct tape, my iPod classic to play music in-between sets, a Wolf Eyes t-shirt to mute the snare drum, Melatonin, no toothpaste.

KALTBLUT: What comes next for Moon King?

Benjamin: Well I’ve got a pretty long run of shows & then I’ve gotta figure out where to live again? and make more songs & then play shows & then figure out where to live again, but I can cook better this time.

Leipzig’s Balcony DC, who describe their sound as something balancing between synthwave and soft porn, will be supporting the all-nighter along with a crew of beloved and local DJs.

What? The Chop presents: YOLK {(Live Rave)}: Moon King // Balcony DC // DJs
When? Friday, April 26th, 9:30 PM – Saturday, April 27th 2019, 5:30 AM
Where? Internet Explorer
Tickets at the door.
Feature photo by Maria Jose Govea

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