Berlin! 26.05–20.06.18 Too Much Information an exhibition by Romain Sepulchre at AKA

After spending a few years in the clouds and having long conversations with them. Rom comes to present some conclusions he came to. Romain Sepulchre aka Rom, born in 83 in Belgium, raised in Morocco and “matured” in Barcelona. Where from? Neither here nor there… Without a flag, without prejudices, lover of that information that unites us between human beings.

Aka will present some frames of the noise that surrounds us. A noise in the shape of information. An inhuman quantity of information, It ranges from the oldest knowledge to the new languages. The past, present and future of information in a same interval. A new world that communicates again through symbols to close a circle of communication and learning. Undefined symbols to show a loss in ancient faiths, an empty space filled with information and misinformation, a gap waiting for possible beliefs or maybe none. We present a frame of all this noise in constant movement, a moment with all the sense and without any sense. A moment in which each one will find its non-message, its not scenery, its everything in the nothingness.

What? ’T.M.I’ – Too Much Information an exhibition by Romain Sepulchre
Where? AKA, Pflügerstraße 6, 12047, Berlin
When? Vernissage: 19:00 – 22:00 / 26.05.2018
Exhibition dates: 26.05.2018 – 20.06.2018

Curated by Lindsey White.


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Instagram: @akaberlin
Exhibition at AKA :

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