Berlin! 27.08.20 – HipBeat – Love is revolution – Movie Premiere

#SaveTheDate! Mother Earth Films and Freiluftkino Pompeji invite you to the Official Premiere of HipBeat (2020) – Love is Revolution. Written and Directed by Samuel Kay Forrest. Cast: Samuel Kay Forrest, Marie Céline Yildirim, Judy LaDivina, Helmut Wößner, Filip Süt Rutkowski, Evelijn van Brandenberg. FACEBOOK EVENT

A young man is searching for his identity within the Berlin underground, which takes him on a journey from anarchy to embracing love in the LGBTQ+ community. He starts to explore his feminine side
with the help of a drag Queen and learns to accept his past while reconnecting with his mother after his heart is broken.

“We were inspired to tell this story to start a conversation about love, gender, and politics in today’s western society. As a storyteller, you can’t tell people what to feel or think but reflect the truth by asking the questions to the audience. With my debut feature I wasn’t trying to tell the story of the past or future but the story of today. I feel it’s important to have films that deal with injustice in today current crises when it comes to democracy being under threat. Hate insights hate, and love insights love. The catalyst of the film was to give a voice to the voiceless. You want the audience to empathize with something they might not be aware of or informed about.
We made the film with the LGBTQ+ community, which we are a part of. Our driving motivation was to encourage inclusivity and equality. For my approach as a filmmaker, there is a necessity and responsibility to cast people who identify as queer to add to the authenticity of the story. We were always reminding ourselves that at the heart of the film’s passion was to reflect a story for the voiceless people in parts of the world who are suppressed or oppressed and can’t be themselves. The heartbeat of the film is to inspire action within these communities and beyond.

We are engaged with the LGBTQ+ community around the world and will continue to give a platform to people to be heard. We want the film to inspire people to speak out about their experiences and continue the conversation until the quality of life is equal. It’s not about perfection but progress. My family and I produced the film together because we believe everyone deserves to have a voice. No stone left unturned so to speak.
We are all very proactive people who believe in safe spaces, activism, and education to be the driving force for change. We hope to bring awareness and empathy to the human experience. Outside of the film, we are constantly questioning the status quo but also seeking solutions moving forward in the brave new dark times.”

Tickets on sale for the August 27th Premiere here:

“Due to the coronavirus a limited amount of spaces are available, so get your tickets fast. We want to keep everyone safe, which is why the event will take place outdoors. We will be following all the health guideline restrictions for the event, to ensure we are all enjoying ourselves while being safe. “

Additional screenings will also be released soon for the 3rd and 10th of September.

Meet and Greet: 20:30-21:00pm
Screening: 21:00-22:30pm
Q and A: 22:30-23:30pm
After Party: 23:30-2:00am