Berlin! 27.10.18 – 21.11.18 AKA presents: Open End by Victor Luque

Victor Luque, is a self-taught visual artist from Spain, living and working in Berlin. Berlin´s best tattoo studio AKA is presenting the exhibition: OPEN END; Solos, diptychs, triptychs, foursomes and trips. VERNISSAGE: 27.10.18 / 7pm – 10pm. The exhibition goes on till 21.11.18. FACEBOKK EVENT

Victor Luque’s images show close encounters with the world around him: be it landscapes, animals, or portraits. He manages to create an intimate atmosphere with his subjects, where their character is subtly revealed. Despite the wide range of subject matters, his work is united by his singular perspective on the world, allowing his visual language to filter through his personal experiences.

“We were born from original sin. Adam bit the apple and that’s why my grandmother used to go to church every Sunday to worship bleeding Christs and weeping Virgin Maries, to ask for forgiveness. She would bring home churros con chocolate and obituaries and indulge in the S&M aesthetics of the Catholic Church. That’s what brought her to heaven. At least I hope, for that was her plan.

Being a faggot, I don’ carry any cross but my closet. It’s invisible to others, but transparent to me. And I wouldn’t say it’s a baggage, because it’s empty: a void, hungry for acceptance.
Everybody has one. Everybody deals with it the best they can.” Victor Luque

In Victor’s first solo exhibition “Open end“, he juxtaposes a range of images which at first appear to be unconnected, but reveal at close inspection a surprising complementarity. They confront viewers in their off-beat arrangement, but also allow them to make their own interpretations.

Words by Anton Hart.

AKA – Pflügerstrasse 6, 12047 Berlin


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Monika is such a beautiful creature. Berlin 2017.

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Curated by LMW for AKA

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