Illustration by Johannes Helgelin

Berlin! 29.02.20 NIL Album Release & Performative Exhibition

Art, Music, Drinks.. All you need for a great day at Salon am Moritzplatz

Art exhibition, live perfomance and drinks … NIL album release is an event you do not want to miss! It’s never happened before: An event where the lines between music, art exhibition, visual orgy and thriving ambition disappear completely. We don’t have to wait for nightfall but instead use the day for sound art, visual storytelling and pumping beats until we wonder where the hours have gone. Our journey will take place in an empty bank building at Moritzplatz. A place that the free spirits of the hour have reclaimed to give new space to diversity.

The occasion for this meeting is the album release of the electro-pop duo NIL from Berlin. Their first vinyl entitled’ MODUS’ tells the story of a tormented knight who loses his home and gives in to countless orgies to numb his pain. Until eventually, he has to admit to himself that his rampant excesses are only the restless search for true love.

NIL´s songs range from heartbreak hotel, floating corpses, sinking ships and narrating the death of a rock. Their sound is an eclectic fusion of pop, electro and a pinch of Berlin Techno. NIL´s debut album ´Modus` is a soundtrack to a film that’s never been made. Mixing music, storytelling and striking visuals, ´Modus` tells the story of a young knight struggles navigating through a fantasy world fighting temptations, to focus on a new admiration behind all his orgies. NIL wants to inspire and be inspired. Crafting a sound that is unheard but familiar in a disturbing way.

The Swedish illustrator Johannes Helgelin of the art studio Hannes&Johannes has immersed this story in unseen visual worlds. Alongside his images and animation, there is a  Live performance of the music project.

Illustration by Johannes Helgelin

In front of the vault in the basement, you can be carried away by the story in a digital recording. We end the evening with an electronic music set from DJ Andrés Escobar. Drinks are provided thanks to the support of Berliner Pilsner and wdnw-wine for a small contribution.

Supported by wdnw e.V.
“we did nothing wrong e.V.” is an association for the promotion of art and cultural projects from Berlin for the world. Its mission is to bring together visionaries, artists, discoverers, doers, dreamers, castle in the air architects and other lateral thinkers in order to jointly and self-determinedly create a new culture of creativity for urban spa

WHAT: NIL Album Release & Performative Exhibition
Salon am Moritzplatz, Oranienstrasse 58, 10969 Berlin, Germany
WHEN: Saturday, 29 February 2020 from 16:00-01:00 – Free Entrance

Illustration by Johannes Helgelin

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