Berlin Art Film Festival

There’s a new gang in town: Mary Scherpe and Toby Ashraf are art and filmblogger based in Berlin and after a year watching and discussing films about Berlin in the world wide web, they decided to initiate a new film festival. It’s a project of their hearts and they thought, they won’t make it. But they will with Clemens Schick as their patron. The movies are all very different, they show the big diversity of Berlin and the trodden paths in a new way. You can see gay Cazzo porn and pure poetry from film students. A special highlight will be the premiere of „I remember your face“,  a documentary about photographer Nan Goldin.


All movies got englisch subtitles, because it’s a festival for everyone in the city. They realized the festival with their own money, so it’s a non-profit event without prizes or a red carpet. It’s about networking and discussing, for example about the quote of women as directors.

So come and watch and discuss and support this idealistic venture. It will be from December, 4th till 7th at the fsk am Oranienplatz and there will be a kick-off-party at the Südblock on November, the 21st.


The programme includes established directors like Angela Schanelec, Cynthia Beatt and Thomas Arslan as well as film students and fresh new talents like Julian Radlmeier, Vika Kirchenbauer or Lisa Violetta Gaß. All features are accompanied by short films and will be introduced by the filmmakers or members of the team. English subtitles are provided, and talks will be in English. Half the filmmakers are women.


Programme highlights include the opening (4.12.) with ICH WILL MICH NICHT KÜNSTLICH AUFREGEN/ ASTA UPSET, the world premiere of THE COAT by Christophe Chemin (4.12.), a live porn dubbing of bONKING bERLIN bASTARDS (5.12.), the Berlin short film programme (6.12.) and the German premiere of Sabine Lidl’s documentary NAN GOLDIN – I REMEMBER YOUR FACE (7.12.).


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