Berlin Atonal 2018 preview

This year marks the fifth year the Berlin Atonal festival features over 40 site-specific performances including world premieres and rare bookings, installations, commissions, noteworthy first-time collaborations, screenings and workshops in the spectacular Kraftwerk location.

Selected collaborations

Caterina Barbieri will premiere her first A/V show in collaboration with Italian video artist Ruben Spini. The audio-visual piece focuses on the ‘interactions between humans and nature as it’s mediated though contemporary forms of mass communication and surveillance technologies.

Claude Speeed collaborates with young filmmakers Sasha Litvenseva and Beny Wagner to reconceptualize the way that audio-visual productions are made through Litvenseva and Wagner’s ‘geological’ approach to filmmaking.

Composer, producer and sound designer CURA MACHINES, also known as Daniel Lea works together with Austrian-born visual artist Rainer Kohlberger, whose work is primarily based on generated graphics that are fierce attacks on the human system of perception.

Selected installations

Osamu Sato’s ‘LSD: Dream Emulator’, Playstation game, 1998

Osamu Sato is a highly reclusive figure who has achieved cult status for his work across multiple genres. His best known work is a Playstation game that he created in 1998 that was only released in Japan without critical or commercial success. Entitled ‘LSD: Dream Emulator’, the game is considered to be one of the most unorthodox, unnerving and experimental video games ever produced.


Shohei Fujimoto – ‘power of one #surface’, laser projectors, half-mirrors, motors, 2018

Shohei Fujimoto is a Japanese media artist who explores perception and space through the minimal and precise use of controlled light from laser projectors. In this work, intensely focused rays of light reflected onto half-transparent mirrors that are suspended in the air and connected to rotating motors.

Selected projections

Peter Burr is a digital artist living and working in New York. ‘Dirtscraper’ is a work that he has adapted specifically for Berlin Atonal, a simulation of an underground structure whose ‘smart architecture’ is overseen by artificial intelligences. As the building decays, the different artificial intelligence entities that maintain and keep this structure alive start to compete and eventually destroy each other.

Thomas Mohr’s work is ‘compiled’ out of more than half a million photographs that he has been taking since 1985. He uses obsolete computer software in a mathematically obsessed and idiosyncratic process that turns these photos into a formalistic, abstracted, endlessly replicating hallucination.

What? Berlin Atonal 2018
Where? Kraftwerk Berlin, Köpenicker Strasse 70, 10179 Berlin, Germany
When? August 22 – August 26, 2018
Tickets: Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday tickets are still available as of August 14th for 35 € each.


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