Berlin! Brutalism by Kiko Dionisio

On May 1st a new photography exhibition by Kiko Dionisio opens its doors at an experimental exhibition space in Tucholsky Straße 15, 17117 Berlin Mitte. Kiko Dionisio, (*born as Joaquim Miguel Tavares Dionisio, August 1974 in Lisbon Portugal) is a Berlin-based artist, whose work deals predominantly with the male body.

His practice dwells within the international LGBTQI community and explores the body’s relation to sexuality as well as elements of nature, such as light, water and wind. Kiko Dionisio has been taking photographs for over 8 years, with an estimate of around 600 photoshoots, most of which have been done outside of Berlin, namely New York City, Los Angeles and Miami. Much of his work features dancers and performers, influenced by his early artistic training in Musical Theatre and Performance at the Stage School of Hamburg, from which he graduated in 2002.

Dioniso’s work suspends itself between modernity and the classics, with photographs that resemble ancient Greek sculptures in their delicacy and elegance, but situate their subjects in a contemporary light, nonetheless. In this series, Dionisio is working rather minimally, merely with light, shadow and the naked body. This minimalism is evident in his intentional omission of facial expressions, which according to him, allows the viewer to enter a much richer imaginative space, liberated from traditional and pre-conceived associations.

Joyous fluid movements, abstract body parts and beauty by themselves are some of the values which drew Dionisio to choose the architectural concept “Brutalism” as a title for his series. “Brutalism,” unlike the English language’s association of the word, has nothing to do with brutality. It is a composite French term for “Béton brut” or “raw concrete” in English, denoted to describe the early twentieth century houses built out of the material. Just like the raw architectural structures of “Brutalism”, Dioniso’s bodies mediate the same sense of purity, candour and undiluted presence.

In “Brutalism”, all of the currents that underpin Dionisio’s work unite in one stream. The Classical Greek concept “noumenon”, describing a thing itself, transcending forms or material manifestations; fluent dance movements with sculptural elegance, as well as a carnal bond between human and nature, all turn Dionisio’s figures into fluid, moving landscapes in an urban setting. They invite the viewer to engage in an immediate and intuitive sensory experience of unfiltered aesthetic appreciation, leaping beyond any rationalized narrative.

Opening and Exhibition

With an exclusive Vernissage on May 1st, 2021, the exhibition celebrates its opening on April 30th at Tucholskystraße 15, 10117 Berlin Mitte, and remains open until the 2nd of the month. Dionisio is looking forward to a possible full opening of the space if the pandemic permits it; for the time being, however, the exhibition can be accessed on the specified dates between 12:00 pm and 10:00 pm.

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