Berlin! June 15-16.2018! Siciliano Contemporary Ballet present ORIKBEM at Pfefferberg Theater

Siciliano Contemporary Ballet presents Orikbem – inspired by the novel “Pinocchio” by Carlo Collodi. Puppets and puppeteer, they’re made of a grey undefined metal, unbalanced and in search of a purpose. A great architect is slowly shaping their bodies through trials and challenges. A trip into the land of toys where everything is permitted, a fall into the whale’s belly where salvation is a step further from total darkness. In the end, only one of them will be of flesh and be ready to host a spirit.


Choreography: Salvatore Siciliano, Music and Dramaturgy: Matresanch, Performance: Siciliano Contemporary Ballet, Costumes: Gegenteil

Photo by Underskin

Production and communication:
Maria Orciuoli: KO-HUM –
Harmony Leveque
Pfefferberg Theater –

Premiere at Pfefferberg Theater, Berlin 2018

Siciliano Contemporary Ballet directed by Salvatore Siciliano is an up-and-coming dance company based in Berlin since 2015. The ensemble gained popularity because of its keen ability to mix ballet lines and aesthetic with raw emotions and sarcasm. The style is powerful and sophisticated, presenting each work as a refined visual metaphor of the human psyche. All the movements are expression of an accurate research into the body’s architecture, where the intricate lines of the execution become a framework for expression and tension, leaving the audience in discomfort and suspense.