Berlin! May 3rd 2018 – Curated by GIRLS Come As You Are @ Club St. Georg

photo by Sarah Wu

Our favourite art platform Curated by GIRLS is inviting you to: COME AS YOU ARE. On May 3rd at St.Georg, Berlin. “COME as you ARE” will explore the topic “body positivity”. How do people that don’t fit the “NORM” manage to find acceptance and even self-acceptance? “We have selected 23 artists, that will tell their experience through their beautiful and touching work. (Photography, painting, video art and installations). In addition, as we love to celebrate and have fun, the event will also focus on music with a badass ‘only girls’ lineup: NOT YOUR GIRLFRIEND, Coco Maria, Golden Medusa, S Ruston, ASHUS.” – Curated by Girls.


YUKARI SHINOMIYA @tokimeki_ni_shisu (Tokyo, Japan)

“My grandmother has a complex with herself being old. She always tells me “why am I so old? I wish I was younger to do so and so”. It really reminds me of young girls telling themselves they should be skinnier/cuter. My grandmother has the spirit of young girls. Her gray hair, lines, wrinkled skin is very attractive to me.”

MARIE CHARLOTTE NOUZA @mariecharlottenouza (France)

“I like to represent the diversity of bodies and beauty. Especially the bodies which are out of the norm we are used to see everyday in movies, advertising etc. Here is a portrait of Aaron. She is a young model; she is a black transfemme, with a desability and she is fighting for more diversity in the fashion industry.”

PIA HENKEL @piahenkel (Dortmund, Germany)

“I realized that working on personal projects helped me feel more comfortable with myself. I thought my body was abnormal, and I never felt comfortable with it, to the point where i became disgusted with my body hair. Society didn’t do well with this topic, but in the last years the body positivity movement emerged and showed me that I am not the only woman with body hair. I want to emphasize that there’s a lot of diversity, and nobody should feel bad because they don’t match the standards.”

GRETA MARIA ÁSGEIRSDÓTTIR @greajt (Sweden/ Berlin, Germany)

Wet by Greta María Ásgeirsdóttir. Reykjavik, 2017.

“Wet is a series of portraits investigating contemporary ideas of feminism. Understanding feminism as a basic human right of not being limited and subjected, the fluidity of water becomes a metaphor for it. – Caroline Adler”

CAMILA FONTENELE @camisfontenele (Brazil)

“Working with the image allows me to experience the world from another perspective. Photography is the bridge between my deepest self and the other. I also believe that through it, in addition to recording what surrounds me, I can create narratives of my own history and healing. I’m a woman who finds strength in the lapidation of her own sensibility, it is when I open the door of my heart to the world that the answers arrive! My work “Girls with Curves”  talks about the woman outside the aesthetic standard imposed by society. The real woman, who carries her experience on her body, with the cellulites, the curves and different movements.”

Title: Girls with Curves / nº 1   Year: 2017 Digital photography Author: Camila Fontenele Brazil

SARAH WU @sarahannewu (Columbus, OH, USA)

photo by Sarah Wu

“ Image:Illusion is a series inspired by my personal experience through distorted body image and eating disorders. We live in a world that is increasingly indulged by the image we present of ourselves; our personal “brand” that is crafted online. These worlds are perfected to the extreme and we compare and judge ourselves against a false reality. An already unhealthy obsession/relationship with one’s body can easily escalate when faced with this duality. There is always a new trend, a new number, a new expectation to reach before the mind becomes dissatisfied and fixated on some other “flaw,” and the self destructive cycle of obsessive thoughts recycle.”

Title: Image:Illusion Photography: Sarah Wu @sarahannewu Model: Sarah Achor @sarahjeanachor

THE WOMANHOOD PROJECT @the_womanhood_project (Montreal, Canada)

“Through a series of interviews and portraits we explore different aspects and complex issues related to womanhood with a more intimate view. All kinds of women open on their realities and talk about topics like gender, motherhood, abuse, mental health, abortion, rape,  menstruation, body hair and much more. Each of them are photographed in their own environment depicting who they really are in the most personal and natural way possible. These women are on a journey of self-discovery. We aim to give them a safe space to share their own reflection on the deep and beautiful subject that is womanhood. This awardwinning project,  exclusively shot on film,  also stems from the need to break from the constant flow of pictures only suggesting the desirability and the objectification of the ‘perfect’ women.”

Credits: The Womanhood Project website The Womanhood Project Instagram Cassandra Cacheiro; Photographer for The Womanhood Project Sara Hini; Artistic Director for The Womanhood Project Rosie Bourgeoisie; Model

Curated by GIRLS in partnership with St. Georg present:
“COME AS YOU ARE” a party/exhibition that celebrates body positivity.
Where: St. Georg
When: May 3rd, 2018
Time: 18h until late.

Here are the 23 selected ARTISTS for our exhibition/party “COME as you ARE” ? on may 3rd at @stgeorgberlin (link in bio) . •Photography• ASHANTI MALULEKE @ashanti_ksm (South Africa) AURORA BERGER @auroraberger (USA) CAMILA FONTENELE @camisfontenele (Brazil) CAMILLA STORGAARD @camillastorgaard (Berlin, Germany) GRETA MARIA ÁSGEIRSDÓTTIR @greajt (Berlin, Germany) IMAN ASSABER @faerthurin (Morocco/ Italy) JOANNA SZPROCH @johana_pl (Berlin, Germany) MORGANE B @morgane_bli (France) PIA HENKEL @piahenkel (Dortmund, Germany) SARAH WU @sarahannewu (Columbus, OH, USA) THE WOMANHOOD PROJECT @the_womanhood_project (Montreal, Canada) YUKARI SHINOMIYA @tokimeki_ni_shisu (Tokyo, Japan) •Painting• . MARIE CHARLOTTE NOUZA @mariecharlottenouza (France) . •Video art• . CAMILA RHODI @camilarhodi (Vienna/ Berlin) EDEN MITSENMACHER @edenmitsenmacher (USA/ London / Tel Aviv) in collaboration with Rebecca Tritschler @lunchgirl__ (UK) FRANCIS KUSSATZ @francisxfrancis (Berlin/ Hamburg) HONEY MA @plitetta (Florida, USA) MARÍA PAPI @muecafantastica (Argentina) MARGHERITA LOBA AMADIO @margheritalobaamadio (Milan, Italy) NATALIE WARDLE @nashywardle (Manchester, England) SOPHIE MAY @sssophiemay (Cornwall/ Yorkshire) •Installations• . ROMILY ALICE WALDEN @romilyalice (Berlin, Germany) SARAH GODFREY @sarahkgodfrey (UK, USA, Berlin) ❤ A huge thanks to all the artists who submitted, the choice was tough! Love!

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