Berlin Music Video Awards 2021 – The Nominees

The Berlin Music Video Awards presents us a powerhouse of creatives again this year, proving that it isn’t just about the big names! The digital event takes place on the 29th of June, marking the platform’s 9th edition.

The initiative that began in the margins of a small venue in Neukölln Berlin is now a global phenomenon, creating a foundation for originality, diversity, and inclusion. The list of 130 selected nominees includes talent from 28 different countries – only a minor percentage is from the mainstream, while the rest are from distinct backgrounds. From Brazil to Japan, Australia to Armenia, and Singapore to Israel, there is an unconventional mix of languages and vision.


The producer of the Berlin Music Video Awards, Aviel Silook, revealed in an interview, “We need to have people from various backgrounds in our team and the jury – we strive to actively stand for fair inclusion.” The jury members are not only in force as critics but as inspirations. Cheng-Hsu Chung, an esteemed member and former finalist for Best Animation, explores queer visibility in his work. The involvement is also of those setting a bar in the international production houses. Federico Abib, the animator behind Spider-Man: Far from Home (2019) and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018), is another jury member inserting significant professional perspectives in the critic’s attention.

The ratio of mainstream artists is debated as unjust, commonly taking a sweep over the emerging artists. This aspect is where the Berlin Music Video Awards show crucial development. The platform hunts talent in big and small names alike. The fact that Sia, David Guetta or other “big names” who applied have not made it into the final list, but Samuum from Armenia addressing cultural taboos has, is a reassuring statement itself.

Aviel Silook hopes that with the festival’s 10th anniversary next year, things will return to normal. “We see even bigger prizes for the winners in the coming year!” However, the pandemic did not stop the creative juices from flowing. “Even with the restrictions, we got many submissions. We are witnessing new levels of creativity and a bigger number of submissions as well.”

The Berlin Music Video Awards plans to be broadcasted live from ALEX Berlin. The recent years have included onstage performances from renowned musicians like Little Big, Vitalic, or members of the Prodigy. “Big things are to come!” The Awards’ founder gives us much to anticipate. We again look forward to filmmakers, musicians, and art enthusiasts from all walks of life coming together to celebrate the powerhouse.

No matter the language, genre, or popularity, BMVA rewards quality, originality, and diversity.

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