Berlin! 29.08.19 – Oscar Key Sung @ Internet Explorer

Next Thursday night, Shameless/limitless is hosting an evening featuring Oscar Key Sung, with slimgirl fat and Jasper Lotti supporting the bill. In preparation for the event, we digitally interacted with Oscar Key Sung to unveil the mysteries surrounding their next creative moves and the phenomenon of having strange dreams which inspire immersive performances.

KALTBLUT: Where does your artist name come from?

Oscar Key Sung: My artist name came from an assignment I did at University where I set myself the task of making all of my production solely from the source of my voice (with manipulation etc). Medulla by Bjork had long been one of my top favourite albums, so I think this was a huge influence. Anyway, during the sound design period of making recordings I named all of the synth patches, drum racks and samples as ‘Sung” this, “Sung” that. Ie “Sung drums” Sung keys” hit voice” and so on. At that time I was in other bands I was more serious about – I made the “Oscar key Sung” sound cloud to upload some of the beats I had made as part of the “voice only” work I was doing at uni. Later I added more music to the sound cloud and the name just stuck. Not the neatest genesis story haha!

KALTBLUT: There must’ve been something during this process of organizing these experimental, more vulnerable, vocal-focused pieces with “Sung”. It feels good to say out out and your artist name does as well – there’s a natural flow to it. Have you had other intuitive moments with this project since spending more time with it?

Oscar Key Sung: I like most things to have an intuitive underpinning. Somehow when a process is too cerebral or intentional – to me it feels contrived. 

KALTBLUT: Are you still based in Melbourne or are you sticking around Berlin?

Oscar Key Sung: I am currently in Berlin mainly for an Art residency and the show, I love it here – but after this I am going to head back to the states. Try my luck in the big smoke.

KALTBLUT: Which tones, experiences, tactile objects, interactions are inspiring your next music era?

Oscar Key Sung: The next body of work is less beat driven. More immersive and thoughtful, with somewhat sprawling ambient musical ideas. I want to make long form releases (this is part of why it takes a long time to finish), because I think it is beautiful to make a lush world for the receiver to live in and explore. Rather than a snappy single to chow down on like fast food and not appreciate/ get attached to. In my process I have been letting my subconscious take the wheel, writing and creating from a place of un-judgemental flow and expression. I like the feeling of being surprised by what comes out – like reflecting on a strange dream.

KALTBLUT: Can you explain where these “ambient music ideas” originated from? How many feels do you want your audience to feel through this longer, immersive experience?

Oscar Key Sung: I feel they come from a shift in me personally. I have always been into that type of music, but I think more and more it is my constant mood. I suppose my more introverted and thoughtful sides are coming out as I get older (That being said, the show at internet explorer, will be heavy on the dance music vibes). I would hope there would be a range of feels and enjoyment for the listener. 

KALTBLUT: I’d love to know about the last strange dream you could remember. 

Oscar Key Sung: I dreamt about (or within) the video game Zelda the other night. I think I had played it for too long that day. It made me think about how if we are in the Matrix (or some other simulation) it would make sense that our dreams too were set in that simulation. Which is food for spiralling thoughts for sure. Anyway, the dream was nice, I had made a fire on a pastoral hill, and all of these animals came to sit with me around its warmth – so cheesy – but honestly had a very surreal mood as dreams ted to do.

What? Shameless/Limitles: Oscar Key Sung / slimgirl fat / Jasper Lotti
When? Thursday, August 29th, 2019, 8:30 PM – 11:55 PM
Where? Internet Explorer, Neukölln
Tickets at the door.

Feature photo by Marta Wilk