Berlin Short Film Festival

Show me yours, I’ll show you mine and then let’s talk about it. Or get free tickets! The Berlin Short Film Festival takes place from 2nd July until 6th July at the Babylon Mitte and it’s your chance to show your stuff and talk about it. It’s a big chance to talk about short movies far away from the established industry, a great opportunity of getting new input. But there’s also a big focus on networking and building a big community.


Well, now you’re curious? No problem: the BSFF 15 invites you! They give away 2×2 free tickets! Just send an email until Thursday morning to

Jury Award categories:

Best Short Film

Best Short Documentary

Best Short Short Film

Best Sci-Fi Short Film

Best Horror Short Film

Best Experimental Short Film

Best Comedy Short Film

Best Music Video

Check the timetable and get your tickets here:

The Ballad of the Homeless

90 degrees North


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