Berlin! 24.11 + 7.12.19 The Gift – Siciliano Contemporary Ballet

#SaveTheDate – SCB presents THE GIFT! We giveaway 1×2 tickets for both events. To grab the tickets send an email to! Everything in the universe is made by atoms, so does this mean that everything in the universe is dead or that everything is alive? Does this mean we can never die because we were never alive?  This defines the question of complexity. FACEBOOK EVENT
Life and death are probably irrelevant concepts which we dont fully understand. Is it possible that we are much deeper connected to the universe around us than we thought?  We don‘t have answers for you – just questions to think about. Thinking about questions like these and encountering conflicts in our consciousness makes us feel alive.
This is ‘the gift‘.

Salvatore Siciliano

Performance – Siciliano Contemporary Ballet
Lena Kilchitskaya
Valentina Migliorati
Alessandra Perdichizzi
Rachel Tack
Christoffer van Woensel
Marie Theres Zechiel


Benedict Breen

Ruth Best

Set design
Nuria Sastre, Salvatore Siciliano

Light design
Christian Scharrer



Pfefferberg Theater

Siciliano Contemporary Ballet directed by Salvatore Siciliano is an up-and-coming dance company based in Berlin.
The ensemble has gained popularity because of its ability to mix ballet lines and aesthetic with raw emotions and sarcasm.
The style is powerful and sophisticated, presenting each work as a refined visual metaphor of the human psyche.
All the movements are expression of an accurate research into the body’s architecture, where the intricate lines of the execution become a framework for expression and tension, leaving the audience often in discomfort and suspense.

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