Berlinale 2015 – Day 5

„I am Michael“! This Biopic about the former LGBT-activist Michael Glatze who became a christian fundamentalist and refuses to be gay and married to a woman. After a period of panic attacks, where he thought, he suffers from he same heart disease like his father, he started to find a way to meet God and his parents in paradise.



It’s hurtful to see, how a man, who also is kind of a link between the church and the queer scene, completely turns into a stubborn hater, like out of nowhere. Nearly any christian he meets talks bad about homosexuality in particular, he just reads the completely wrong books without asking questions. The film is very sensitive, you can’t find any judgement in it, just a try to get his point of view. In the end, it doesn’t work out for me, because he always talks about the love of God, but spreads hate.


And James Franco is simply great in this movie. How he turns from the blonde gay activist into this hardcore christian, all the fights and fears – he acts very concentrated and unexcited, but always charming and with respect.

„Als wir träumten – When we were dreaming“

(I would call it „Schnaps, Strobo und Scheissglatzen“). This adopted roman from Clemens Meyer, directed by Andreas Dresen, is a coming of age story about a clique in Leipzig in the very early 90’s. The five boys found an illegal Techno club, called „The Eastside“ and so the problems start: Neonazis, heartbreaking girls and drugs ruin everything. It’s a brutal story about broken dreams, broken noses and broken families and friendships.



As a girl from the border districts of Berlin, I was surprised how similar the situation was to my love-hated Berlin-Buch: Neonazis everywhere, the attempt to make a Techno club and disoriented youngsters, a juggling act between euphoria and fear. But this movie isn’t pathetic in any single moment, it’s just a reflection of anarchic times. And funny! And the soundtrack… damn, i need a strobo in my cellar! And: Ick hasse Euch Scheissglatzen!

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