Berlinale 2016 Day 2

„Midnight Special“ by Jeff Nichols! This years motto of „Everybody’s right to happiness“ covers up this wonderful kitschy science fiction road movie.  It’s the story about a boy who needs to cover up his eyes and two men who drive through the night with him, knowing that a lot of people are seeking the kid. More and more we find out, that a Christian sect and the FBI see something special in him, but it takes a long time on the road to find out, what and at the end there’s a goodbye.

It’s absolutely thrilling how the mystery is revealed more and more and believe me: it’s wonderful and corny at the same time, but you gonna cry a little bit. But this movie wouldn’t be as great as it is without its ensemble: first of all the boy Jaeden Lieberher a charismatic little pale weirdo, protected by a silent Michael Shannon and lion heart Joel Edgerton. His mother is Kirsten Dunst (yaaay, her performance is superb!) and his fascinated and brainy persecutor Adam Driver (Kylo Ren, everybody!) Also this movie is full of little loving details and the mossy landscape of Louisiana is perfect.


I also love the the soundtrack by David Wingo. Jeff Nichols’ idea of this film raised when he thought about the special bond between him and his newborn son that exists forever. What would happen if he had to say goodbye to him? A pretty imaginative response to that question.

„Uncle Howard“ by Aaron Brookner in Panorama Documents

The young filmmaker Howard Brookner died 1989 in the age of 34 as a result of AIDS and soon his outstanding talent would have been forgotten if his nephew Aaron wouldn’t have take care of his archive and working place „The Bunker“. There he met his friends like Jim Jarmusch and shoot his highly praised documentary about the Beat author William S. Borroughs.

This movie portrays a talented young young man and his family, that had difficulties with his homosexuality. But he’s been a beloved soul and he had lot of friends, especially at the bohemian New York art scene. Lot’s of them are part of that movie and they still feel the loss.

It’s a touching document of the Big Apple and the deep bond between a nephew and his uncle that lasts forever.

„Kiki“ by Sara Jardenö in Panorama Documents

25 years after the documentary about the Vogueing scene of Paris this movie shows the Vogueing scene of New York. It’s called Kiki. Their meetings are competitions, but more important than that: it’s a place beyond norms of gender and sexuality.

The most of the part LGBTI* community is family. They help and support each other, they can talk about the rejection of their families or the problems of the transitions. All the kids we meet are great, but one Trans*woman is the best. She’s so smart and uses her voice to change the world, because it ain’t easy as a big black trans woman. She’s adorable, all of them are and by telling their experiences you get an idea of the pressure and injustice the black, especially LGBTI* still has to deal with. One of the founders made it to the White House as an advocate for homeless LGBTI* teenagers. How impressive is that? Enjoy this colorful portray of a vivid and helpful scene!