Berlinale 2016 Day 3

“Mahana/The Patriarch” by Lee Tamahori (Out of Competition)! This New Zealandic drama is an old story about growing up and rebel against the head of the family. This time it’s the grandfather Tamihana, who founded a Maori dynasty of sheepshearer, who live in rivalry with the Poatas. The circumstances are clear, both families refuse to talk with each other. But there’s always a rebel who speaks out and this time it’s the cute 14 years old Simeon. More and more he discovers a well kept secret.

Well, it’s a solid told story, but still an exciting movie. New Zealands nature makes it perfect beautiful, not to forget the beautiful Maori. It takes place in the 1960’s and so we also get a feeling of the race separation int these days. A must see with a charismatic ensemble!

“Who’s gonna love me now?“ by Barak & Tomer Heymann (Panorama Documents)

Saar is a gay jewish man. His Kibbuz rejected him when he was 17 and his family didn’t protect him. He moved to London and as he got infected with HIV the fragile bond with his family snapped. After 17 years in London, where he is settled in a great community like the London Gay Men’s Choir, he starts to rethink about the relationship with his very religious and patriotic family and so do they.

saar&hisfather_heymannbrothers-and_the choir

The Heymann Brothers observe this change and the emotional discussions and sequences of the choir underscore the touching scenes without pathos. This documentary is just great and the performance of the choir at the world premiere was simply perfect.

I guess a Teddy Award is coming.

“Kater/Tomcat“ by Händl Klaus (Panorama Special)

It’s a disturbing psycho drama about the gay couple Stefan and Andreas who live a life fulfilled with love and music. An important part of their live is Moses, the cute grey fat cat. But one day Stefan loses the shit and everything changes. I can’t tell you more, because it would be a big spoiler, but this movie is intense: intense in it’s boringness AND it’s suspense. It made me squeak and yawn the whole time. And yes, penis everywhere.

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